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    FS: S15 Genuine Aero Bar And 17" Nismo Lm-Gt3 Rims

    17" Nismo Lm-Gt3 Rims SOLD
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    FS: Nissan 200sx S15 Spec R GT

    Hey guys, So after along nights thinking about this, ive decided to put my car for sale and move onto a more appropriate car for my job lol. She is an ADM 2002 Spec R GT 200sx, manual and has 157 xxx KM's on the clock.I have had her serviced every 5000km at Nissan and is washed and garaged...
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    WTB: Stock S15 front bar

    Hey guys, Im looking for a stock s15 front bar, preferably in pewter silver. Im in Australia Cheers
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    FS: s15 bits for sale

    Genuine S15 Smoked Yashio tail lights SOLD
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    Genuine Aero Bar

    Hey guys, Im thinkin of selling my aero front bar with fog lights. This is an genuine aero bar with fog lights and is in mint condition which was recently purchased brand new. How much do you think I should list it as? Price will be in AUS dollar. Cheers
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    Fog Lights Help

    Hey guys, I just bought some fog lights for my s15. Now these are ADM fog lights that i bought off some other guy and they have no blubs in them atm and all the wires have been cut. Taking apart the fog light, i saw two wires inside. Now can someone please explain to me why there are two...
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    Aero Bar

    Hey guys, I know this is a very noob question but im gonna ask anyway haha:D On the JDM aero fron bar, is the bottom bit carbon fiber? Or is it just painted black? Cheers
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    WTB: s15 aero bar fog lights

    Hey guys im looking for a pair of s15 fog lights for the aero front bar. If you have some for sale could you please PM me :) Cheers
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    s15 Rear tyre width

    Hey guys, this is prob a noob question, but like what is the widest tyre you can run on the s15 on the rear without having to roll the guards? Currently im running 255 on the rear and having no trouble. Just wondering if I would be able to run 275 or 285
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    Electric Mirrors not Working

    Hey guys i think ive blown a fuse for the side mirrors. Can someone please tell me which fuse is the one for the side mirrors. Thanks :)
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    clock and central locking not workin properly

    Hey guys ive had this problem since i bought the car but since its a minor thing i havent really been bother by it, but i thought i'd post it up here to see if you guys can help me out. 1st problem: My clock dosnet work at all. I aint sure why but it just dosent, so could someone please help me...
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    Lights not working

    Hey guys, i currently have no lights in my dash, rear tail lights or my parkers when my car is turned on. I think i have blown a fuse but i am not 100% sure. I was just looking at the pin out diagram of the fuse box but i still aint 100% on which fuse to replace. Can someone please help me out...
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    Taking apart headlights

    Hey guys, soo im sure everyone has seen the LED strips that Audi's have on their headlights as well as many other cars. Now i was just wondering is it possible to take apart the s15 headlights and place an LED strip inside? Also how do you even take apart the headlight, as in separate the...
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    WTB: WANTED: s15 JDM aero bar in Brisbane

    Hey guys im looking for a JDM aero bar for my s15. I currently have a stock ADM bar on my car atm, and im looking to swap for a aero bar with cash settlement of course :) It would be preferable if the bar is silver soo it can be a easy trade :) Show me what you have ppl :nod:
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    Brisbane Australia reppin

    Hey guys im new here :) Im from Brisbane in Australia and ive got a s15 Spec R GT:D