1. B

    URGENT - need abs block bracket measurement

    hi there, i´m doing a LHD conversion and would like to make it as close mirrored as possible to look genuine. by this i was cutting the abs block bracket without making a measurement where to place the upper part on the new lower part. in my mind it was something like 10mm on one side and...
  2. J

    10mm Wheel Spacers?

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I cannot for the life of me find 10mm hubcentric spacers with the correct centre bore. I can find 15mm on driftworks but no 10s. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction?Cheers,J.a.c.k
  3. S

    Play in my drive shaft?

    Ok had the chance to get under my car the other day was having a look around ond found that when I held the drive shaft I was able to twist it about 10mm or so. Is that normal to have a bit of play or am I going to have to doo somthing about it?😳
  4. Krish

    Gear knob fittings... Help

    Is there anyway of getting the 14 gear knob on to a 6 speed stick. Got a nismo one which is 10mm thread and the 6 thread is 12mm. I've been told there are adapters but I can't find them anywhere? Any easy fixes or do I have to get the 10mm re threaded to 12mm? Thanks guys
  5. M

    10mm hub centric spacers

    hey all. i need a set of 10mm hub centric wheel spacers for my s15, any one know where is best to get them from (cant see them in dw shop) and do i need longer studs for 10mm and how easy or hard are the studs to change. thanks matty
  6. C

    OEM Recirc valve fix

    This guide was made by 'Adams' on SXOC... The job is really simple - all the tools needed are a 8mm and 10mm socket spanner, a screwdriver plus some instant gasket. 1) The factory DV is located behind the battery, just under the fuse box: 2) First you need to remove the battery...