1. D

    S15 Spec-R from Germany

    Hi everyone, As mentioned in my introduction here's my Spec-R Current specs and general informations as followed : Grade 4 Silvia Spec-R 101.000kms on the clock 3 inch catback exhaust ending in two separate mufflers some random jdm 16inch alloys Blitz SUS induction kit momo steering wheel...
  2. C

    Picture request, 17's on a spec r.

    Basically I have been offered a swap on my current wheels for a set of 17x9 and 17x10 rega's. just wondering wether 17's will be too small? The car is running spec r aero too. Cheers.
  3. L

    Need pictures of s15's with 17 inch wheels please

    I've bought a set of lmgt2's for my s15, and I'm just wondering if 17,s are gonna look to small on it, if you have any side shots of your car with 17's could you post them please, cheerst
  4. S

    WTB: Work Emotion CR Kai

    Hi people I'm after a set of the work alloys for my s15 r that's on it's way over from japan!! If anyone wants to sell theirs or knows any forsale can they let me know please! 17's or 18's but good offsets Thanks
  5. Curryzz

    picture request.............

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what size wheels i want for my car, i know i want 17s but thats about it. I've got 18s on at the moment but thought 17s as i want it to look a bit lower. Has anyone got this size fitted?.......17x9 ET25 front with 225/40/17 17x9.5 ET30 rear with 235/40/17 What i'm...
  6. slammedmind

    Another wheel Question

    Ok so im starting a new job next week and for the first time in 6 months ill have a steady pay check. I dont have bills so im going to blow a wad on the car to celebrate :whistle:. At the minute ive got 17" volk gt-c wheels Front 8j +25 rear 9j +25 What im looking at doing is going 18"...
  7. P

    17" or 18" - The oldskool question

    I'm finding choosing a set of wheels one of the hardest things to do for an S15. I keep thinking 17"s would be better because: - Cheaper tyres/wheels in first place - Less chance of curbage However 18"s would be better because: - Looks better on bigger cars I stay awake at night...
  8. Topper

    Which wheels, in 17s or 18s -You decide (Big brother Stylee)

    Ok, as some of you know, my wheels are a 9j with +17 offset and stick out past my arches, so much so that on my way to the D1 last weekend i got in trouble with the Police and was given 7days to change them, so at the moment i am running S14 stock wheels untill i get new wheels. I really want...
  9. kimi

    its wheels time !

    I've been spending alot of time searching for new alloys :nod: and i think i've narrowed it down to 2 sets i really like, just have to choose 1 now... i'm getting 17"'s so what offset do i need ? i'll be running on apex coilovers when i get them fitted. kimi x
  10. R-Spec

    WTB: 17" wheels

    HI Gents, I'm still after a half decent set of 17s as a spare set for the 15. I was going to use a standard set as they're everywhere but that means I can't share the tyres and as tyres are the issue I need the 17s. Not really fused what they are but would prefer to see them first.