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S15 Spec-R from Germany



Hi everyone,

As mentioned in my introduction here's my Spec-R

Current specs and general informations as followed :

Grade 4 Silvia Spec-R
101.000kms on the clock
3 inch catback exhaust ending in two separate mufflers
some random jdm 16inch alloys
Blitz SUS induction kit
momo steering wheel
aaaand the ordinary additional cup holder :D

Pictures from Japan :

As you can see, the poor girl's really really dirty at the moment but nothing a good clean/polish could take care of :)

I'm in the middle of refurbishing my 17s Meister S1 which I kept from the S14.

From this :

to that :

Think they'll suit the 15 really well with a good drop, possibly gonna sell them next season to replace them with some 18s :)

Cheers !