1. S15Cro

    Non-vvt S15

    So I have a 99 Silvia S15 N/A and I decided to go turbo. A friend of mine has a 1997 180sx which he dropped a forged engine into so I took the oppertunity to buy his very low mileage Sr20det (non-vvt) blacktop engine. My question is can I simply buy a complete S14/S15 exhaust side (waterneck...
  2. B

    NA 180sx 4 branch manifold on Spec S

    I've a 4 branch manifold lined up for my Spec S. It was fitted to an NA 180sx (SR20). Before I go buying it I just want to make sure it will fit my Spec S. It has the hole for the lambda sensor in it so that's not a problem, and i presume it will line up with the engine as well? I also need to...
  3. Carta

    New Owner from West Midlands

    Hey guys, just introducing myself and my new purchase. I used to drive an imported 180sx and now I am now the owner of an S15. So, Hi :) Dan
  4. D

    S15 Spec-S brakes question!

    ok i have a Spec-S and looking to get some redstuff pads for the front befor a track day. my question is this, are the pads the same as a 180sx? my old 180sx calipers look the same as whats on my s15 spec-s and as i cant seem to find uprated pads to the spec-s, this maybe a way around it...
  5. W

    Hi another pewter s15

    I am a new owner of a pewter 2001 ADM s15. Previously had a 180sx with a ca18det (wasn't as bad as people think). This served me well for 4 years and some guy smashed into me and the 180sx was written off. Was a sad day . Got insurance pay out and parted my old car out. Saved went on a holiday...
  6. B

    2way diff for non turbo S15. What fits??

    Rights lads. I'm finding it difficult to find a 2way for my non turbo s15. From doing some research i have found that an R200 differential will fit in my current casing. Is this correct?? The R200 is the diff found in the 180sx so can i recase a 180sx 2way into my on casing?? Its ****in...
  7. Auss15

    Open Event: NSCC at the World Time Attack Challenge Show and Shine

    The Nissan Sports Car Club was invited to participate in the Show n Shine day at Eastern Creek Race track, Sydney, on the 22nd May. 14 members arrived early with cars cleaned to within an inch of show room condition and equiped with our new club banner and flyers we set about capturing interest...
  8. B

    fuel consumption

    My freind has an s15 spec R and says that it does about 500+km on a tank of fuel. My 180sx type x on the other hand does only 300-350km on a tank. Even though they both have an SR20DET engine The s15 has a 65lt tank and the 180 has a 60lt tank so not much size difference but the s15 get alot...
  9. zml

    3D carbon wrap vinyl bargain

    hi have those stuff for sale which i bought for my 180sx but i have just sold my 180sx, so all stuff no longer needed. i have 10mx1.4m carbon 3D wrap paper which i bought from ebay (£830) suppose to use to wrap my car. but as i said i have sold my car so need go as well.£530 bargain. one...
  10. J

    FS: Silvia/180 parts

    This is whats left; 18" m2 hanbai wheels with 4 new tyers 1200e Brand new red bride brix 2 seat 400e Opm deep dish steering wheel and boss 100e- SOLD 180sx front strut brace 80e 180sx boot stryt brace 80e 180sx parcel shelf 30 cheers jonny 0860535246.
  11. B


    I hope this makes sense so here goes. I curently have a standard exhaust on my 180sx and want to change it. The exhaust i took to the mechanic was 180sx exhaust, however, he said that it wont fit. The standard exhaust i have on there is sort of like an L shape, that is it runs thoough the center...
  12. E

    New stock arriving end of this month

    Hi all, We have the following kit arriving end of this month and we start taking pre-order now, any one interested, please feel free to contact us. S13 180SX WK-Style Full kit - £450 S13 180SX UR-Style Full kit - £450 (1 left) S13 180SX VQ-Style Full kit - £450 S13 180SX VX-Style Full kit -...
  13. J

    180sx raido help!!!!

    well one of the lads bought a 180sx yday but the raido dosent work,as it wont pick up irish stations.i got a band expander and took the raido out but descovered,its not the normal raido reception shaped plug that goes into the back of it,instead its one with 2 small pins on it..does anyone know...
  14. C

    FS: s15/180sx bits

    have full s15 leather interior 250 s15 rear bumper with nismo lip(i think)100 s15 euc with horsham developements chip and mapping 300 s15 standard air flow with apexi filter+injectors 180 also have standard 180sx red top air flow+injectors 50 cusco rear brace 180sx 80 99 spec R turbo engine...
  15. G

    180SX performance

    goin sellin my S15 unfortunately so will be in the market for something cheaper soon. been lookin at 180sx's as id like to stay in the silvia family, probably the non turbo version though but after a bit of research ive seen that the SR20DE in the non turbo 180sx is only 137bhp. anyone know what...
  16. K

    Where can i find a '93 180sx in the states?

    Well I decided to get my s15 once i get a lot more money:( . So for now im going to buy 180sx. So now i've been looking for '93 180sx in caliornia but haven't been able to find one. I would perfer right hand drive, but if i cant thats fine as well. O yeah, if i cant find a 180sx ill go for the...