1. F

    My pearl white aero spec r

    Hi,I'm Steve from Sheffield been a member on the sx0c on and off since 2006and recently been a member of this forum for a few months now, this is my 1st s15 but owned a few jap cars before, I've been looking out for the right car for over 2 years now since selling my dc5, and before that my...
  2. D

    Scottish newbie. Red spec-R

    Hey guys. I'm Derek, just picked up my fresh import spec-R today. Got the car from down in Birmingham and drove it back home to Aberdeen. My 1st jap car so was fun getting through a city getting the wipers and indicators mixed up. :annoyed: Previous cars my LCR I broke to find the S15...
  3. phillll

    Juddering when pulling away...

    Hi guys, the 15 has developed a bit of a problem. When in traffic and pulling away in 1st the car shakes and judders pretty violently. Nothing happens when moving etc, just when in 1st and releasing the clutch. Anyone know what'll be wrong with it? Clutch fooked? cheers all :)
  4. N

    hey new member from ireland!

    hey everyone, my names Niall, iv been looking on the site for a few months now and i decided it was about time i joined! I love s15s! :smitten: nicest car on the road by miles! thats why im now on the look out to buy my 1st one after wanting one for years! so if any irish members could point...
  5. Fruitbooter

    Please dont tell me my gearbox is on its way out..

    Okay first.. When in 5th and you let off the acc you can here a clunk...not a loud one but enough to hear and it doesnt do it in any other gear...sounds like its coming from the front of the car to apposed to the diff.. Second - Did a long trip today (100ish miles) and towards the end after...
  6. D

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Gymkhana 1st Round

    sorry guys, video cannot be seen cause its in Facebook
  7. E

    need help identifying :S

    hello, need help identifying this one. found it while i was trying to DIY connecting my pivot speed limit cutter to my ecu. my s15 is a jdm one. this is my 1st time tinkering with the ecu. [/IMG]thanks in advance :) [/IMG]
  8. tooley

    ODC quallifing driftin pics Pembrey Me and Richy

    Well what an awesome day!! Top 5 drivers advanced to mallary park ! congrats to rich for getting 5th!! i on the other hand failed on my second run after a good 1st one on a 3rd grear manji attempet and ended up in a field lol
  9. E

    255l/h fuel pump

    hi.. i recently bought a walbro fuel pump and i havent install it yet.. should i install it or install fuel regulator 1st then followed by the fuel pump.. any suggestions? thanks
  10. Topper

    New GT-R 1st Crash....

  11. Big Ned

    Gear shifting question

    Hi, I've not had my S15 long so I thought I'd ask others about this one. Does anyone else find that it's quite stiff to put the car into 1st or 2nd gear when the cars moving (at low speed obviously e.g. coming up to a roundabout) when the car is still warming up? I hope that made sense.
  12. japmadlad

    1st real mod

    Ok so I know my 1st mod was replacing the apexi air filter that Jono sold b4 selling out, I mean up :p. But my S15 is now sporting a nice shiny Apex Type 1 FMIC with hot pipe kit, ( cold pipe to follow soon once I figure out how to fit the fubin thing ). will try to get sum pics up. I wud like...
  13. Nicely

    D1GB Round 1 at Rockingham

    Thought you might like to see Barky's photos of the 1st round of D1GB at Rockingham last weekend :)
  14. S

    afew questions :S

    ok guys the 1st question i have is: i just did my 1st service and i found the recomended oil filter far to small. My mate has a CA18DET s13 and a skyline oil filter fits, and it is much bigger. What bigger filters will fit? also what the hell are those storage spaces in the back for, wine...