1. F

    200sx gear gaitor same as s15?

    wanting a geargaitor but there all tailored fit for 200sx ,anyone any links to ones that are a direct fit?thansks
  2. R

    Scottish Longtime S-Body Fan

    Hey All, Some of you may have seen my names on various other car forums, including the SXOC. Before you all stone me for being an SXOC guy :p I'm one of the good guys. I used to be a Head Mod and Regional Rep for Scotland for a long time. Since 2006ish I’ve always loved S-Bodies, I seen my...
  3. B

    FS: Driftworks adjustable lower control arms

    Driftworks adjustable lower control arms as removed from my now sold S15road car. Recently fitted with new rose joints purchased from Driftworks Fits; S13 200sx S14 200sx S15 Silvia R32 / R33 / R34 GTSt and GTT Skyline models At the shortest setting they're stock S14/R33 length and longest...
  4. S

    FS: LF: S15 200sx R Wing Mirror

    Looking for an S15 200sx R Wing Mirror From NZ
  5. Lanyard

    FS: 1999 Nissan 200sx S14a

    For Sale 1999 Nissan 200sx S14a - RED LESS THAN 100,000!! Not many of those left! (Currently at 94,000) Reason for sale: Got a promotion at work so just bought an S15 :D Engine - SR20DET - APEX FMIC - K&N Induction kit - Uprated fuel pump (Think it’s Walbro – previous owner installed) - Always...
  6. s15Irl

    Cooling/slam panel

    Just wondering does anyone know if the s14 200sx panel possibly fits the s15? Thanks
  7. M

    FS: 2001 S15 Type S. Grey. Melbourne, Australia

    Time to start saving some coin so my beloved S15 has to go. ~182,000kms. Want 15k as in with no RWC otherwise I'll rip the mods off to sell a more sedate stock version. Located in SE Melbourne. 2001 Pewter S15 Type S - Aus delivered Mods; --------------------------------------- Japanese...
  8. Nissan_S15

    Hi there!

    Hi, My names Ashley. Nice to meet you all. Decided to finally sign up to the S15 owners club today after now owning an S15 for a year and a half lol. Purchased my Nissan silvia s15 type S from SVA Imports in Dover back in May 2011. She's silver with full ballistix aero body kit, racing...
  9. S

    Confusion! 200sx OR s15...

    Hi! Im pretty sure this is going to be the most common question ever - and with the site layout being naughty i cant find anything. Ive been looking for a spare key + factory central locking remote for my car... now i have called around a few places and they have all told me different...
  10. C

    Hello S15 maniacs

    Hello, I have S15 sr20de engine and it is going to be in my 200sx. Best Regards
  11. A

    FS: Spec S pillar panel non boost gauge!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a piilar non boost gauge one. It's just plain PRICE 30 euro plus postage Also a turbo elbow for 1.8 200sx 40 euro as well plus postage. If you have any questions send me a pm
  12. T


    What's the difference between the S15 Spec R and a S14a?? I got quoted on a 200sx S14a with wheels and a aftermarket FMIC for £811
  13. J

    Can anyone help

    Wel lads, does anyone know if the brake pads from a 200sx fit an s15? i was looking to buy the red stuff brake pads for my s15 and there spec list only gives a 200sx not an s15, so if anyone can help please write back to me
  14. W

    200SX S13 from France

    Hi, my name's Chris, i'm 22, I live in France and I've got a 1993 Nissan 200SX RS13 CA18DET :
  15. M

    Hello! Thinking of buying an S15, just one small issue..

    Hello! I've got a Mitsi FTO at the moment, but have pretty much settled on a S15 as my next car, esp since my FTO is slowly dying! Only issue is, insurance. While obviously I can get it from specialists etc, since I'm looking to change the car before my current insurance is up and I dont want...
  16. C

    FS: 200sx s14a 5500 euro

    99 nissan 200sx s14a nct 07/11 tax out paint and body spotless no dents or marks unmarked cream leather interior 98000 miles just serviced all oils and coolant changed tein s tech lowering springs r33 alloys with good 225/45/17tyres drilled and grooved brakes horsham developements stage 2...
  17. E

    S15 Aero kit late January BIG Sale!! :D

    As I have just done some stock count and have just realised I have got a lot of S15 body kits over stock and I have a container arriving next week with more stuff!!! so need to shift some stuff. :D All the kits are strictly one set only that is on sale and its first come first served. once its...
  18. C

    Does anyone know Stealth Speed 200sx?

    I was searching the web for silvia boot builds for some inspiration of how to design mine and came across this, does anyone recognise them aas a member? http://autospeed.com/cms/title_Stealth-Speed-200SX/A_2739/article.html
  19. E

    EPR 200SX Jan Stock BIG LIST!!

    We have had a container arrive end of December and another one is Due in later this month so the stock level is very healthy at the moment :D Here is a list of stuff we have available and will be available end of this month. ITS A BIG LIST!! Fenders Nissan 180SX S13 Vented Front Fender 25mm...
  20. N

    newbie from england

    hey peeps just thought id say hi as i own a 200sx s14a but i am after a s15 so i thought id join and see what i can get thanks nick:thumbs: