1. SlidewayzS15

    New to the forum!

    How's it going everyone, I am a proud owner of my new S15, just bought it a couple weeks ago and decided to finally join the forum. I've owned differet S chassis throughout my lifetime already always been a Nissan guy started out in a Nissan 200SX (B14 chassis U.S) and threw a Pulsar GTI-R motor...
  2. B

    new guy from Canada!

    Hello good sir's and Ladies! My name is Dustin, I currently own a 2 tone 240sx coupe, 240sx hatch, 180sx, and S13 Silvia which is undergoing a complete S15 update ( pretty much everything but the trunk and tail lights ) and am trying to source out a nice 99 spec R for track days untill 2014...
  3. K

    240sx, yay or nay?

    Hey well i haven't been able to find a 180sx, well i did, the only thing is that its in canada and it 2k for the car without the engine and about 2k more for me to import it here and then my friend can hook me up with a sr20 eng and transmission for another 1k:annoyed: . O yeah and the guy told...