1. NICKO

    FS: Ksport 330mm 8pot Brakes S14/S15 covered 25 miles!

    Here is my Ksport 330mm 8pot brake kit for the S14 or S15 these are on my S15 project car but need them gone to free up some cash for other more important needs :( they have been driven to the mot station and back where they have been sat in the garage since so they are not even bed in yet...
  2. B

    K sport brakes

    I'm looking into a big brake upgrade and was just wondering what people views on the k sports were? Also how aggressive are the 330mm kit when using standard rear brakes? Does the ABS kick in more often when hard braking
  3. J

    D2 8POT 330mm / 356mm Big Brake Kits for S15 and other SX models

    *** NEW STOCK ARRIVED OCTOBER 2012!! *** Hi Guys we have just received new stock of our Brake stopping D2 Kits in 330mm and 356mm for both the front and rear and as usual we are offering you guys a great Deal!!! We are not going to offer you a group buy! Instead we are going to let you get...
  4. dave_t

    K-Sport 330mm Discs Refinishing (Skimming)

    Since i fitted my K-Sport 330mm Brake kit iv'e had some vibration under light braking. plant your foot down hard and it doesn't seem to vibrate much at all, IF at all. Now in my experience, that could only mean the discs are warped. what other reason could it be :confused: Seeing as i'm not...
  5. J


    Where would I be able to get oem brake discs? Also, In the future thinking about getting the Ksport - 330mm front upgrade (or the R33 Brembo's), what would people recommend putting on the rears? Any direct replacements?
  6. J

    k sport brakes help???

    hi, ive got K-Sport 330mm 8 Pot Front Brake Kit on the front, but the discs need replacing soon. is there can i put any 330mm discs on? or do i need certain ones? and the same the pads, do i have to use k sport pads? thanks
  7. DeanS15

    FS: db power brembo 330mm conversion

    for sale i have the following from my car: db power 330mm front brake conversion brackets and bolts brembo 330mm grooved discs (no lips) bells painted black ebc redstuff large pads - cover the complete rotor surface of the disc hel/db power stainless fitting braided brake lines one set of s15...
  8. J

    JAPSPEED D2 Christmas Special Offer

    As we are feeling festive, we present to you an amazing Christmas offer on our D2 Big Brake Conversions for the Nissan 200SX Silvia! We are offering 330mm or 356mm disc conversion kits with 8 Pot Calipers for the fronts and 330mm disc conversion kits with 4 Pot Calipers for the rear...
  9. JEZ 8553

    FS: KSport 8-Pots 330mm Front Brake Setup

    Selling my KSport 8-Pot front brake setup with 330mm discs as ive now got 350Z Brembos (a downgrade in performance ive now found). No need to explain how good this kit is, just check out the Time Attack cars :) Have covered about 6000 miles (mainly motorway), seen no track or drift days so...
  10. Adam L

    FS: K Sport 8 pots 330mm discs

    I've got a set of K Sport 8 pots with braided lines and 330mm grooved discs. The brakes have only covered just over 1000miles as I bought them and hardly used the car. There is no lip on the discs and the pads have plenty of meat left on them. I can deliver but being such a heavy item i'd have...
  11. J

    JAPSPEED D2 Big Brake Conversion Kits

    These are the latest line in D2 Brake Kits offering 330mm or 356mm Front disc conversion kits with 8 Pot Calipers for the fronts. These have been designed purely around those needing the very best and who want to stand out, easy installation bolt on kit with minimal tools needed, a must...
  12. LuPix_S15

    Big Brake Kit Upgrade Questions

    Hola, I know there's a few S15 owners running the K-Sport big brake kits (Craig and Benne) but wanted to ask a few questions... Since coming back from Nurburgring, my discs are somewhat warped and have certainly started cracking?! :wack: From about 5 laps in, I was getting bad juddering on...
  13. J

    D2 BIG Brake Conversion Kits.

    Hi Guys, We thought we would bring these large brake discs and caliper kits for the S15's. These are the latest line in D2 Brake Kits offering 330mm or 356mm front disc conversion kits with 8 Pot Calipers. Also available for the rears with 6 Pot Calipers. These have been designed purely...