1. W

    nissan s14 with trans 6speed no work with odomoter

    hello to all i have a little problem with my s14 recently i change 5 speed trans with oem 6sp from s15 is working very good good but it doent work with odometer what i could do to fix it >?? can anyone done the same with me ??? aso i notice the rear end from nissan 350z has some sensor...
  2. W

    FS: nissan 350z brake set like new

    hey all i have a set brake brembo calipers from 350z with almost new rotors 324x30 has on 10.000klms -brembo calipers with pads in the middle -rotors brembo like new price is 500euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i have rear set 350z with rotors 324x20 -brembo calipers with pads in...
  3. O

    FS: 350z front calipers

    Hi guys, Have a set of front 350z calipers for sale. Came of a running 350z calipers have ferodo ds2500 pads in them and new bleeding nipples. Reason for selling is have a front BBK already and just needed the rears. should be a nice upgrade for anyone wanting something a little bigger then...
  4. N

    Bumper Inlet Ducts

    Has anyone found a descent looking bumper inlet duct to get more airflow to the radiator during track events? I currently have a 2" x 12" slit cut between my headlights for airflow, but hate how it looks. I know there's aftermarket bumpers available, but has anyone tried the 350z inlets or...
  5. F

    350z seats into a s15

    Anyone know if 350/370z seats fit into the s15? If not anyone know what is a direct fit? Thanks
  6. jinli

    White s15 aero Seaham

    My first s15 encounter! Looks gorgeous, makes me miss my old 15 even more now haha. I was in my 350z when I saw some familiar pattern at the corner of my eye parked up :)
  7. G

    350z calipers

    Hi guys, anyone know if 350z calipers fit the s15? thanks
  8. Lanyard

    Open Event: Leamington Spa, Meet and greet

    This is mainly a JLR staff thing but we're going to The Moorings at Myton (Myton Rd, Leamington Spa) for a drink after work on Thursday 25/9/14. A few 350z, skylines etc will be rolling up, not just S-Bodies. Anyone welcome!
  9. CMR

    CMR's S15 Spec R Aero

    Thought I had better post this here too, as I know not all of you visit SXOC. Stay with me whilst I copy the first few posts over, then the new stuff will be added! Where to start, wanted an S14a or S15 back in 2008/2009 but couldn't find the right 14 and couldn't afford a S15. Few cars later...
  10. Burnsy


    looking at a few little bits on top of an oil catch can, love some info if you guys got some what kinda oils you guys run? i know there are plenty around, with many different opinions but just a general idea of whats what. engine, gearbox and diff oils please. currently on 5w 40 engine i have...
  11. R

    Do the 350z pedals fit an S15?

    hey guys, was wondering if anyone knew whether the pedals from the 350z fit onto a S15 ? been plannin on gettin them but wasnt sure regarding the fit. any help would be appreciated. thanks. rohith from malaysia
  12. N

    FS: 350Z 18'' alloys 2 with skid rubber 2 with no tyres

    Pre Rays 18'' alloys in silver ect standard on a z33. £200 or will put cash to some different rims. selling due to these being a spare set.
  13. Y

    Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

    Hey all, I've been oooming and ahhing for ages now to decide what RWD car to get that has to have either a turbo, or a V6 engine... that leaves my choices with S15 Spec R Skyline R34 GTT Or (personal fave) Nissan 350Z GT This is coming from a race prepped Honda Integra DC5 Type R owner so...
  14. I

    350Z brembos on R33 hubs rear

    can i fit 350Z brembos on R33 Rear hubs?
  15. T

    Which lines do i require if i fit 350z brembo calipers???

    Planning on upgrading my brakes to 350z bembo's but just wanting to know now what brake line i require. planning on getting some braided line from either goodridge or hel but just wanting to know will the ones designed to fit the 350z plumb up to the s15? or will i require custom jobbies...
  16. R

    Need pics of an s15 Silvia with 350Z wheels on

    Can someone help me find some pics of a s15 with 350Z wheels on as i want to see what it looks like. :thumbs:
  17. N

    Do 350z brembos fit s15

    I just bought a full set of brembos from a 350z, does anyone no if these fit straight on? And if so what size of discs and what do I ask for, 350?s15?etc, and do the rear calipers fit on or is it too much hassle, any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  18. T

    FS: 350z Rays 18" alloys

    Hi change of plans means i won't be needing these. set of 350z 18" Rays alloys. 2 front tyres will need replacing and one rear has 4 mm (bridgestone) and other rear has 5-6mm Federal tyre. Couple of the rims has some kerbing, but it is touched up so can't really see unless you inspect it up...
  19. J

    FS: 350Z Breaking for parts (IRL)

    Hi All, Crashed 350Z all body damage, everything else for sale. interior trim engine, suspension ect send pm or post reply if any parts are required