1. lvaleiron

    Problem with 3rd gear...

    I've been trying to find some information on the forum about this but so far no luck. I currently have a problem with my 6 speed box when engaging into third, basically i can engage third and there is no resistance but every time there is a crunchy noise, similar as if you try to engage on high...
  2. C

    WTB: Go-Pro - to rent on 3rd June!

    Slightly unconventional, but does anybody have a GoPro they would be willing to let me borrow on 3rd June? Preferably the motorsport version so I can mount it easily, but anything is better than nothing. I intend to use it inside the car too, not externally. I'll collect/pay postage both ways...
  3. N

    Hello from cork in Ireland

    Well guys my names Brian and here is my 3rd S15:
  4. JaseYpk

    Tale of a Cursed Car: Crash number 3

    Hows the title? haha. Ok, so today I had my 3rd crash in the s15. Yep, 3rd. Oh great. But fear not, I am fine (a little distraught), and the car just needs a bit of paint/filler and the boot making straight (i've been assured its an easy job). Was minding my own at a roundabout, when that oh...
  5. A

    3rd brake light help

    I recently bought myself a 3rd brake light as i've been driving around without one. :o Anyway i noticed that the 3rd brake light has a connector at the end of the wires and i havent found any port around my parcel shelf area where it should connect to. I hope someone can shed light on this...
  6. koullis

    turbo hesitating

    hi, i just turbocharged, tune and broke in my s15 sr20de. the problem i have is, when shifting from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th the turbo is hesitating. it boosts instantly as it should up to 5psi and after a second to 15psi. also, after shifting and hit the gas pedal it takes it a second or so...
  7. J

    RWYB: Sun 3rd Sept - Santapod, Northants

    Just wondered if any of you fancied a light-hearted RWYB at Santapod on Sept 3rd? :) I'm going with Emma (in our own cars) - thought at least Ming and Dazzo might like to join us! Maybe Nicely could make the trip too? Post your interest here... :thumbs: