1. langers

    Kaizen Force Coilovers

    I'm in the market for coilovers on my S15. I found these coilovers which are the similar to HSD monopros although these offer more dampening adjustment and are better price. Anyone has used a set on their s15?
  2. FreakensNL

    Steering rack sounds.. :(

    Retainer adjustment screw? He all, My steering rack is making weird sound, like shocks being really old.. There is no play on the steering itself when i pull on the tie-rod there is no movement at all, but when my mate judders the steering wheel it does feel like the tie-rod is got a lot of...
  3. FreakensNL

    Petrol RON 95 vs 100

    Hope this is the right sub. I really want to know what is the difference in (ecu, tune) between 95 and let's say 100, is it just a bit of timing adjustment? I run 95 cause 100 is super hard to find here, I want to boost to 1.0-1.2 bar Can stock maps handle 95 @1bar? (With fmic, etc)
  4. I

    FS: Eibach camber bolts

    Selling 2 pairs of Eibach camber bolts, brand new never fitted or taken out of their bags, M12 size so S14 fitment (and i reckon S15 too since the coilovers swap over), adjustment range +- 1.75°. £16 posted to UK/Europe for each pair
  5. G

    FS: ikeya formula complete adjustable front lower arm roll centre correct s13/s14/s15

    new only test fitted but i think there is some scratches were its been in storage caster,camber and lockstop adjustment £400 + paypal fees + postage i think i paid £790 for them bargain!
  6. R


    hiya again sorry to ask, but so many posts its confusing, for hid's iv sen some videos where they just replace the bulb and attach the ballast unit and bingo, but is it that simple? how do i change light lvl (dont have incar adjustment) and secondly can anyone recommend a place too buy them...
  7. Fruitbooter

    Standard rear camber adjustment

    Hi Guys Can someone explain how to go about adjusting the rear camber on standard arms. I know there is very little room for adjustment using standard arms but I would like to see if I can improve it even slightly as I want to reduce tyre wear. I see that the bolts have markings on them but...
  8. powizzle

    Retrofitting S15 Headlights adjustment

    Hey guys, My car came with the HID option headlights from Japan along with the electric adjustment inside the cabin. However, I had to replace my headlights. I'd like to keep the function though. Is there a way I can retrofit the wiring and motor to the non-hid headlights?
  9. S

    headlight adjustment

    hey all, Is there a way i can reset the headlight aim adjustment to factory? i tried adjusting my headlights and now i can't get it right. I tried following the s15 manual but it's not helping. Its hard to drive at night when i can't see anything. I've put back the stock headlight bulb (had...
  10. S

    FS: s15 JIC coilovers

    Location: Brisbane, manly. Australia. payment: cash only. $650 ono contact: PM, and we'll go from there. item: Set of JIC FLT FAS coilovers out of my s15 silvia, fairly sure thats what they are. base adjustment on all 4 corners. i bought 2nd hand about 4months ago, used them for about 4...
  11. M

    HSD Coilovers for the S15

    HSD Coilovers The HSD HR coilover is exactly what the performance tuning scene has been crying out for. No longer do you have to accept an inferior/compromised product when spending less than £1000 on coilover suspension. The HSD HR has been specced by HSD Europe, for our roads, and tracks...
  12. N

    WTB: Adjustment headlight switch and center box support braket.

    Hi, Bit of a long shot but I am after some minor parts if any one has them available? 1) Interior headlight adjustment switch/knob usually next to rear fog light switch to right of lower dash? 2) Centre box cubby support bracket that mounts underneath to body and centre box? Please let...
  13. meddler

    Rear camber adjustment

    Guys, I am looking to get a wheel alignment done on my car. My question is, does the S15 have rear camber and toe adjustment from standard? If not, what do I need to buy to have these adjustments? thx, meddler
  14. Yakozan

    Headlight aiming adjustment in S15 service manual

    Read throught the EL-34 part in the S15 service manual about the headlight adjustment. Seems pretty odd. Is it a typo in the manual? Judging by the pictures and the logic in my head, the driver side should be passenger side and vice versa? Anyone know for sure?
  15. J

    Whats this button for?

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Picked up my new S15 a couple of days ago, and wondered what this button is for, and is it original nissan, or aftermarket? Its located below the drivers airvent, to the right of the steering wheel. Its beside the headlight height adjustment dial. It has 2 lights...
  16. S

    Nismo GT LSD PRO 1.5way

    Hi guys, Recently i just got myself a nismo gt lsd pro 1.5way but still yet to fix it. I had read through the nismo site and it stated that we can change the initial torque of the lsd without disassembling the lsd unit itself. my question is, at which level of initial torque adjustment give...
  17. A

    Ordered Coilovers today with camberplates ;)

    In a Norwegian 200sx forum i found a groupbuy today on coilovers. so I ordered a set of it to. The manufactor of the coilovers is RX. It's no T?v on it, but i think it would work fore me... next is to find a s15 silvia ;) 1. Providing 30 expansion/suppression steps for damp adjustment and...
  18. Topper

    Camber Adjustment

    I think i know the answer to this, however: - I have been meaning to get my camber adjusted via aftermarket arms for a while now, but i have a trackday on saturday, and am wondering if there is any movement in the standard upper links?? Looking in the Serivce manual it would seem that there...