1. FreakensNL

    Z32 AFM advantage on stock injectors?

    He guy's, I've got a pretty stock spec-R and am going for a tune next month, got the following basic upgrades: 3" turbo-back FMIC Boostcontroller Fuel pump, plugs, splitfire coils, RAS, BOV, etc. Stock (480cc) injectors Now the big question; Will a Z32 AFM do anything for this setup?? I was...

    Hesitation/fuel cut at 3/4K rpm, help!!!!

    Hi guys Got bored at the weekend and decided to move my Z32 MAF/AFM to the inter cooler cold pipe just before the throttle body on my spec r Wondered if anyone else is running than kind of setup or knows anything about it as I'm now having some issues, Mostly it feels like I'm hitting fuel...
  3. S

    FS: S15 spec r ecu, afm & coil packs...

    S15 spec r standard ecu... £60 delivered. S15 spec r standard afm... £40 delivered. I also have a set of s15 spec r standard coil packs, I'm unsure of the condition of these as they came as spares with my car so I'm open to offers on these. Cheers.
  4. W

    FS: Z32 afm

    Genuine nissan Z32 afm in perfect condition £ 100 posted
  5. Chriscooke

    FS: Stage 3a Parts for sale gt2871r etc

    Hi guys I have a full stage 3a bolt on package available from my s14a. This package made 344 bhp!!!! The package Includes .Genuine Garret GT2871r .64 trim .Genuine Z32 AFM with pigtail and modified elephants trunk to turbo .Nismo 555cc Side feed Injectors .Stainless exhaust manifold (Apex I...
  6. eiden88

    WTB: OEM SpecR AFM needed

    As per tile, I need an S15 specR AFM. Tto be clear the one with 22680-69F01 code stamped on the black chip cover, and NOT the one with 52F00 Cheers all :wave:
  7. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: Everything to connect Z32 AFM to Turbo (bottom mount)

    As title, after hardpipe, reducers, joiners, whatever else is needed to connect a Z32 AFM to the turbo. A complete Apex stainless kit would be ideal. Let me know what you have!
  8. D

    Spec R AFM needed for Spec R enigne swap?

    Hey I was wondering if a Spec R AFM is needed when I swap my SR20DE engine for a S15 SR20DET Spec R eninge into my Spec S? Are there many differences in Spec S and Spec R AFM's? And what would a Spec R AFM be worth? I couldn't find my answers on the internet so I hope anyone here could help me...
  9. K

    WTB: z32 afm and sr20 rocker stoppers

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for a good working z32 afm with pigtail and a filter if possible.. also looking for some sr20 rocker stoppers cheers kev
  10. B

    Help! Big problem with my Spec S

    So it started with a hesitation when I pressed the accelerator. Then it progressed to having a rough idle when warmed up. The idle was fine when cold but its now a bit rough when cold as well. The main problem now is that when I have the throttle just open to try and cruise along in whatever...
  11. gaz15

    WTB: apex stainless intake pipe for OEM AFM

    As above anyone got the apex stainless intake pipe for the OEM AFM for sale, as apexperformance have discontinued it they only have the z32 one, cheers
  12. 8

    FS: nissan twin turbo z32 oem afm with plug .,,good for power 350hp and up

    if your intrested pm me or e-mail me at trades am looking for s14 zenki headlights s14a oem skirts i have Nissan z32 oem afm with plug in good working condition £90 deliver tomei,oem z32 afm plug with the metal clip £30 deliver oem nissan z32 afm with...
  13. crazymat666

    anyone know where to get a new AFM?

    as the tittle says i need a new air flow meter and its a nightmare trying to find one :( . can anyone point me in the right direction i would be most greatful. cheers
  14. Feast Japan

    FS: Personal FS: Apexi Power FC (Zenki S14), Nismo 555's, Z32 AFM & Harness

    Guys, have these spares off my build. Shipping is included in the prices below, pay pal is best option. And best not to worry about getting dinged for any delivery charges as will mark as gift. Item #1 - Power FC with commander and Map sensor. This is L-Jetro (air flow type), map sensor was...
  15. S

    WTB: 740's/555's z32 afm fmic cold pipe

    Hi guys im after all of the above.. 740 or 555 nismo or similar injectors a z32 afm pref genuine one and i need the wiring too and a inlet side (cold) fmic pipe if at all possible with a ssqv flange or just a dv take off cash waiting send info and photo's via pm cheers
  16. S

    Z32 afm

    Was wondering best time to upgrade to a z32 afm I have a front mount full turbo back exhaust system induction kit stock bov and still is running stock boost with Walbro fuel pump
  17. Tony

    S15 afm

    Hi guys.. Does anyone know how much power Spec-R Afm can take..? I have heard 350 hp...... true?? have anyone tried Lathing It up....??? best regards: T.M
  18. s15wideass

    Z32 afm do you need a remap???

    Hi guys, one of my friends mafs is broken and I was just wondering if he got a z32 afm would he need a remap or would the car run fine without a map on a stock ecu?? Might get a z32 myself if a remap is not essential, thanks for any help
  19. J

    Z32 afm?

    hi, what does a Z32 AFM actually do? thanks james
  20. NICKO

    WTB: Z32 afm

    Im after a Z32 AFM for the S15, must be genuine and in near new or new condition dont need the harness/plug. cheers, NICK :)