1. adzsy

    FS: OEM Electric Radiator fan

    Removed from 45k car about 8 years ago and been in storage since. Great condition £30 plus postage
  2. P

    Which Decat

    Which Decat is best for my S15? Ive done a search but most of the threads are from a while ago and I just want to make sure I order the right one. Cheers
  3. Blizz884

    Car pulling left. Please help

    Hello everyone. Ive got my S15 just a few days ago and noticed that car is pulling slightly to the left. Traction was done a two days ago and this problem is still there.... When i straightne up steering wheel and let go of it (even standstill on iddle) vibrations turn steering to the left a few...
  4. H

    Cant see my posts

    Im pretty sure I've made more the the required 5 over the last 3-4 days on top of that I have posted a few before (although many years ago) I've been looking at ways to contact a moderator but seemingly i can't even do that...
  5. J

    Japshow 2014 finale

    Excuse the quality of photos but here was a few I took a few weeks ago at japshow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sims77

    Grey on M6 Southbound Stafford

    Reg plate ended in VAO I think. It was about 30 mins to an hour ago. We were in a loud Accord Type R
  7. J


    Hi, I'm Jake, I'm from the Stratford upon Avon area. Unfortunately I don't own a s15 at this moment in time, but I shall be investing if everything work wise goes as planned. Just wanted to sign up to here, get to know everyone and ask silly questions! I never knew about the S15's till about 2...
  8. H

    nissnl silvia s15 (new member)

    hi, this is my s15 that i just bought a few months ago. this s15 was restored by me.
  9. C

    FS: S15 30mm Rear over fenders.

    Bought these not that long ago for my S15, they are 30mm Rear Overfenders. I paid about £150 for them before postage brand new about 2 months ago, I received them and they sat in the garage for a month before I bothered to even look at them - Upon looking at them I realized they need some minor...
  10. J

    Hello from Herts

    Hi Guys I'm a newbie my name is Jorge I'm 22 years old and have always loved S15's and finally this year I have managed to afford to get one, about 3 months ago I contacted GT Torgue to see if they could find me one as I had no luck looking myself, about 3 weeks ago they worked their magic and...
  11. J

    S15 Spec R, Tokyo Japan!

    Hey guys, Recently a proud owner of a 99 S15 Spec R! Mint condition and bone stock, just the way i like it! :D Just moved to Yokota Japan and picked up the car a week ago. So far so good! loving it already. ill post pictures soon as i figure out how to! -JC
  12. G

    my s15

    got this about a year ago found it parkd in a field in the west of ireland. when i first got it then i got the rear ready for some 18x10.5j +24 meisters with 50mm arches tryed my 18x9j +30 on one side and a 20mm spacer inside shot got some 50/50 lights . at this stage it was a...
  13. W

    New Owner

    What's up people? I just got my S15 type S a couple days ago. Unfortunately, my oil pressure gauge does not work. Anyone knows how to hook this thing back up?
  14. J

    FS: Standard s15 helical diff

    Hi. Getting rid of these so I can finally get a 2way :-) The diff has regular oil changes, only had fresh oil 3months ago when we changed the driveshafts! It's done around 80k and still works perfect. Havnt got photos as still on the car at the moment. £250
  15. D

    Hi all!

    Hey all, my name is Dylan. I am a Motorsport engineer, that builds track and drift cars. This is my 1jz powered s14 which I built and drive Excuse how not upto date the...
  16. Jay

    Jay's black spec r

    just a couple of pics, fitted new wheels and coilovers and naturaly felt the need to get the camera out! and finally snaps of how it looked a fortnight ago!
  17. N

    New to s15 not to s series

    Hi i am from south Africa but live in Perth Australia Got my s15 spec R 2 weeks ago its awesome but auto suck so will be swaping in s14 5 speed soon I still own my Pride and joy S13 200sx i got it 6 years ago and will never sell it
  18. Benne

    Maybe europe´s fastest Silvia...

    My trackday-buddy Dino´s dailydriver is a S14A with a SR20VET and insane power... Some weeks ago he did a top speed run: This guy has balls, I tell you!
  19. DOM

    Releasing Rear seat belts

    Does anyone know of a way of unreeling the seat belt out of the mechanism? These were removed from car about 4 years ago and retracted fully. Now they don't want to be released.
  20. Fasthands

    FS: Bm57 BMC,

    As Title, BM57 BMC £45 posted in UK paypal as gift. bought it a while ago thinking I may need it but didn't. [/IMG]