1. M

    Airbag light INOP

    Hey guys I’ve got my s15 here in Germany and to pass inspection I need my airbag light to work. So it’s currently got a aftermarket carbon wheel on it, and it’s got a fuse wired into the airbag wires (two yellow wires) the fuse should be there to bypass and make the light illuminate correct? I’m...
  2. bzh kevin

    WTB: airbag control unit

    Hi, I am looking for an airbag control module (Part number : 2855685F26) and a set of rear calipers . Thanks
  3. N

    WTB: HKB s15 steering wheel boss

    As title with resister for airbag light ect cheers
  4. D

    WTB: s15 spec r parts needed

    i require a complete front panel passanger headlight and bracket and passanger wing and a areo front bumper and bumper bar also a driver airbag im in birmingham but im willing to collect needed asap
  5. C

    Passenger airbag fitting

    I had the pass airbag out to mess with the blower unit, anyway now I can't for the life of me get it to go back in flush with the dash top. It's sticking up at the back (closest to the screen) and if I whack it down on one side it pops up on the other. What is the secret to fitting it...
  6. N80Jamie

    Re fitting Standard Steering Wheel

    Bought a standard Spec R steering wheel to replace the aftermarket one currently in place but having slight issues with the wiring for the horn and airbag. From the picture below, can anyone see if anything has been modded to suit the aftermarket wheel which will need replacing to get the...
  7. Mange

    Airbag sensor

    Hey guys, I just bought another S15 and have a few questions on the airbag sensor. When I bought it the guy explained that the car had been used as a track/driftday car before and they had dislocated the airbag sensor at the front and used an other steeringwheel so now when the oem wheels is...
  8. sliding-r

    FS: S15 spec R steering wheel- mint condition

    As above £80 collected, comes with all pieces and airbag.
  9. C

    FS: Passenger SRS airbag

    I have a spare S15 SRS passenger airbag unit for sale Unused (obviously). What you see is what you get. £40 delivered
  10. Dan H

    Steering wheel swap guide

    ADMIN EDIT: S15OC is NOT responsible if you cause any damage to your car or yourself. Removing an airbag can be dangerous. Just thought I'd do a little write up on changing the steering wheel, seeing as I've just done mine. First thing to do is disconnect the battery. Safety first and all...
  11. K

    WTB: dashboard and center console

    hey im looking for a S15 dashboard with all the vents, center console, and radio/shifter trim. i dont need the airbag but i do want a spare key for the glove box
  12. XTension

    Switch off Airbag? How to?

    Hi, I´m doing some drift/track time next month, and i´m thinking if it´s easy to switch the airbag off? Like a fuse or something ? Thank you for your time Cheers XT
  13. A

    Airbag Light

    Hi, My friend recently installed a sparco deep dish steering wheel to his 99 spec s. When he started the car he the airbag light is constantly on. Does anyone know the sequence to switch the light off constantly. your help will be much appreciated.
  14. P

    WTB: s15 airbag control module

    hi am looking for to buy a driver side airbag for my s15 or if someone can point me to where i would be able to get 1 as i live in ireland and need it to pass nct test
  15. T

    Ditching air bags.

    Planning on ditching passanger airbag as it weighs a tonne, and as i have harnesses wouldn't be much good. Drivers airbag has already gone in place of a deep dish steering wheel. Question is, I could just connect a resistor capacitor jobby into the circuit to trick it into thing the air bag...
  16. xlr8

    Airbag light

    Want to turn off the airbag light.Have searched previous threads and found the sequence of how to turn it off.The method of pressing the houselight with the ignition turned to on is not working.Nct coming up,can anyone shed some light?
  17. T

    de-activating airbag light???

    Well I had the dash apart to replace the two broken gauges in the dash centre air pods (It might look cool to have your gauge here but i tell you now if something goes wrong with them its the biggest headache in the world to resurrect the problem which envolving stripping the whole dash to...
  18. B

    srs - airbag resistance

    hi there, i want to replace my oem steering wheel with a aftermarket one. because i still want to have the passengers airbag worked and without any errors at the indicator. soo, i have to put a resistor to the plug from the airbag for telling the system that ther still s a airbag. so no...
  19. richy200

    FS: steering wheel and airbag complete

    As per title i have a s15 steering wheel and airbag removed from my s15 to fit a nardi wheel. any questions give me a shout 50 quid plus postage Thanks
  20. S

    Steering wheel removal?

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to remove the airbag steering wheel to fit an uprated one. Is it the usual sort of thing, of disconnecting the battery for bout 10-20 mins before removing the airbag, and will I have a warning light up on the dash without the airbag wheel etc...