1. datman55

    S15 Factory Electric Fan

    Hey guys, need some help here. The S15 has 2 fans, 1 clutch fan on the engine, and one electric fan mounted to the radiator/Aircon heat exchanger. I would like to remove the Clutch fan entirely and just run the electric fan. From what I have read in the owners manual, the electric fan only...
  2. A

    JDM S15 Aircon Issue - Ventilators and Footwell

    Hi guys, Up until recently my aircon was working fine - with the exception of the clicking noise coming from the bi-level door motor. Now the only mode that works is 'Defrost'. Nothing comes out from the footwell or front vents regardless of which other modes are selected. The compressor...
  3. NICKO

    WTB: factory s15 aircon fan

    Hi guys I'm looking for a factory s15 aircon fan if anyone has one? Needs to be s15 as I think the plug is different on the s14 ones cheers
  4. S

    FS: Air con

    I have stripped my Aircon if any body needs anything.
  5. O

    WTB: Aircon compressor bracket

    Hi Anyone got the bracket that fits on the aircon compressor for sale? Seems to have been taken off my car, so theres no tensioning pulley. Text me or pm me if you have one for sale. Cheers 07903706226
  6. O

    WTB: S15 aircon system needed

    Hi I'm looking for everything i need in the engine bay to get the aircon back into my S15, I'm not sure if its the same as the S14. Need rad, pump and the hard pipes and the small canister that's attached to the rad. Thanks guys
  7. spoonman

    GUIDE: Weight Saving

    Feel free to add to this. ie interior, flywheels, manifolds........ anything that was lighter then what was there. Removal of engine bay aircon parts. Aircon radiator, bracket, pump, belt, pulley, filter, pipes, bolts. SAVED 13.6kg might put it back in when summer comes around, removed as it...
  8. DOM

    FS: Aircondition

    My aircon unit had to be removed to make way for my turbo. so most of it is in a box. Everything was working before removal. aircon condenser £55 aircon compressor £155 some aircon pipwork £15 or all of above for £200
  9. Z

    busted aircon

    my aircon stopped working suddenly so i had it checked out, turns out my condensor is cactus, lucky its winter over here. is it easily replaced ? iv been told its a pretty big job. Nicely you wouldnt happen to know the part numbers i need to order the parts from perfectrun ? any help would be...
  10. M

    Aircon removal

    Morning all. I've removed the aircon pump, condensor etc from the engine bay, but can I also remove the two large black units in this picture with no adverse effects, or are they a part of the normal heater or fan system? I want to keep the heater, but lose the weight of bits that aren't...
  11. LuPix_S15

    Possible Aircon Condensation?

    Hope someone can put my mind at rest! I've just noticed today (after running the aircon more due to the decent weather) that there is dripping from the car to the ground when parked up etc. I've taken some photos. I have checked all the fluid levels and all is well. I've touched the liquid...
  12. E

    Aircon at feet on at all times??

    This is on a JDM S15. So, I turned the aircon to 32degrees and heat all around at max fan once. Wasn't long, like 10mins or so. Then today, I noticed hot air blowing at my feet. Not exactly blowing, but my feet was burning. I thought the engine heat is coming through or something. However, I...
  13. raytsang

    aircon controller Bulb needed

    Guys a bulb in the aircon controller unit has gone, you guys know where i can get one, seems to be a hard one to get. have tried halfrauds and online have no luck.