1. Sender

    FS: Alloys Impul M20 Centralock 18"x10" ET20

    Hi Guys, I've got for sale set of four Impul M20 Centralock alloys. All off them are 18x10 ET20. They are centralocks with adapter for 5x114,3mm. Here are couple pics how they look on R32 GTR and Evo X. Alloys are located in Warsaw Price 1300£ + shipping
  2. R

    4x ROTA Force Alloy Wheels 18" Black 9J ET30 114.3x5

    Hi guys, Set of alloys for sale 4x ROTA Force Alloy Wheels 18" Black 9J ET30 114.3x5 Access Denied
  3. Judd

    My new Spec R

  4. Surfing Boris

    WTB: Any old 17 inch alloys for drifting.

    I am looking for a pair of 17 inch alloys to put on purely for drifting on. Can be as rough as a badgers arse as long as they can hold tyres on the rim. As cheap as possible if not free to a good home!!!!
  5. s15Irl

    Show me your.... Alloys!

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some inspiration.. I'm on the look out for a new set of alloys and failing miserably! I've had these Tenzo r alloys on for a while Actually only ended up with them after I upgraded my calipers and the Nismos wouldn't clear the caliper. I bought a set of r34 gtr...
  6. Lanyard

    FS: 2 x Continental ContiSportContact 5 (245/45R18) - Brand New

    100Y XL FR (XL - Reinforced, FR - flange protection) As in the title, ordered the wrong size tyres so have a pair brand new and still in the plastic wrapping. Best tyre in pretty much every review this year - reason for buying them myself! £230.00 Collected + £## delivered - I'll get some...
  7. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, looking for alloys (tyres not necessary, but preferable). Ideally something black, grey or similar. Dont really want to spend over £600, but I am willing to relax that if the wheels are worth it. Obviously suitble for an S15 Cheers guys, lets see what you got. :)
  8. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, I'm looking for a set of alloys for the S15. I'm pretty open to most styles - try me ;) Don't really want to be spending more than £500, however if the alloys are worth it, I can shift a bit. Could I also ask for pics of them fitted to see how they look etc. Cheers!
  9. jake

    Alloys + rubber

    So what alloys and rubber are people running ? I'm on Work Emotion CR Kai's in Matt Carbo R-18.9.5 F-18-8.5 Falken FK452 tires R-235/40/18 F-215/40/18 Maybe thinking of going handcooked on the next change ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. justin666

    FS: Standard S15 Spec R Alloys...

    Now the S15 is sold its time to move on a few bits I still have laying around..... So... Standard 16in S15 Spec R alloys that cam on the car when imported from Japan... Set of 4.. Really good condition and just need a good clean. Toyo Proxy T1-Rs all round 205/55/16, still road legal and...
  11. Nissan_S15

    Looking for Black Deep Dish Alloys!

    Hey guys, Interested in getting some black deep dish alloys for my S15 to make the ride look a bit more agressive. I have had a fair look around and have found the odd set that takes my fancy, but nothing amazing. So just wondered whether you guys knew of any decent sets I could purchase...
  12. Nissan_S15

    Tyre shop f'd up my car today. Not happy!!!

    So basically I went to get my rear worn tyres swapped over this morning to a set of Toyo Sport tyres (same size/width) and in the process the tyre shop scraped up my alloys preety bad :( I noticed this whilst filling up on air, so stormed back to the shop and demanded compensation, to which...
  13. Jay-pan

    Anyone own ROTA GTR alloys on there S15?

    After the fitment size of Rota GTR alloys, want them to fit nicely in the arches without work needing to be done. :)
  14. S15_SAM

    FS: Work Equips 3 piece alloys, 5x114, 17x8 17x9 et unknown atm, about 35-40

    I've just sold the supra and kept these wheels. They are genuine Work Equips 3 piece split rims, they were perfect fitment for my supra. I will measure the offsets on Monday and update but I would guess they are 35-40 the condition of the actual alloys are good but the paint is flaking on...
  15. Nissan_S15

    FS: "Rare" 17" WORK Emotion CR Kai Bronze Alloys + Event Tires with great tread "bargain"

    "Rare" 17" WORK Emotion CR Kai Bronze Alloys + Event Tires with great tread "bargain" Alloys are no longer up for sale, as I have now arranged for them to be professionally resprayed to black, instead of me buying a new set! Thank you
  16. Nissan_S15

    FS: "Rare" 17" WORK Emotion CR Kai Bronze Alloys + Event Tires with great tread "bargain"

    "Rare" 17" WORK Emotion CR Kai Bronze Alloys + Event Tires with great tread "bargain" Hi there, I have up for sale some rare 17" WORK cr kai Bronze alloys plus event tires all in great condition. Only slight marks on the rear alloys but not that noticeable. Also one of the front alloys has...
  17. Nissan_S15

    FS: WORK CR KAI 17" alloys - Bronze - "Very Rare!"

    Hi there, Currently own a set of Bronze WORK cr kai 17" alloys, which as you know are very rare and preety hard to get hold of. Now im looking to get a reasonable amount for them so that I can purchase a new set of decent black alloys and possibly a new body kit for my Nissan Silvia S15...
  18. Chriscooke

    FS: 17" B.I.M Zeit R alloys JDM tyte yo!

    I don't really want to sell these but if I could do with getting some money back to cover my engine repair costs :( A set of four JDM B.I.M Ziet-R Alloys in black 2x bare rims (no tyres) 2x Continental Run flats (iirc) with plenty of tread and grip pretty well :) 17/8.5J/5x114, Offset 33...
  19. J

    Wheel Advice

    Hey guys, I have a Pewter Spec R and ill be having the vertex kit and yashio factory led rears put on soon :) The plans for the exterior of the car, are to get a carbon fibre bonnet with vent and front light eyebrows, undecided about a big spoiler to match yet, but also need new alloys, I'm...
  20. J


    choosing what alloys, just want to see sizes, could people post pics of their 18's and if anyone has any 19's?