1. A


    It seems pretty hard to find any information on the S15 alternator & alternatives. There doesn't seem to be an S15 alternators out there to buy. Anyone know if the S14 alternator can be used as a replacement that bolts straight on or not?
  2. A

    WTB: S15 Alternator

    Anyone got a working alternator for sale?
  3. I


    Edit: Got one sorted. S15 ideally or S14 Alternator wanted, I assume DE or DET will be the same. Used or if someone knows were I can get new for reasonable money let me know Immy
  4. dave_t

    Starter Motor Problems

    I went to start her the other day to go shopping in Birmingham, and it slightly struggled to start, as if the battery was a little flat. As i hadn't used it for a while i thought it made sense, and didn't think any more about it, the drive to Birmingham would surely charge her back up nicely...
  5. J

    Battery not charging?

    Hi, is there a fuse anywhere for the alternator? Battery doesn't seem to be charging :-(
  6. DOM

    WTB: s15 alternator

    looking for one in England, let me know if you have a rebuilt or brand new one, cash waiting.
  7. R

    Spec-R Alternator

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little help again. I need to replace an ever degrading alternator on my S15. After my regular garage couldn't find anything I've tried a local alternator specialist... who have also failed. Any suggestions on where I can get an alternator from? Cheers guys Russ
  8. R


    Well... it's time to get to the bottom of this issue on my s15 once and for all. The battery light has been lit for some time now, but the car has run fine and not flattened the battery for ages. What started as an intermittent warning light is now permanent. My local garage has stated that the...
  9. LuPix_S15

    Pulley/Belt Tensioning Guide

    Ok folks - another guide with pics to add to the library lol :) Thought I'd explain since I did this recently after adding new selt of belts :nod: Basically the S15 runs three belts as standard. The inner most is the alternator belt which also drives the water pump at the top. Then there's a...
  10. D

    FS: FOR SALE: 1999 S15 in QLD, Australia!

    Hi Guys, Time to part with my baby! Pass on the word as this one is an excellent buy. Here's the deal: There's a movie in there also. Asking $19,800 - Goddamn cheap. Registered, RWC, new stuff: front tyres, clutch, battery, alternator, belts, catalytic, manifold...
  11. B

    part numbers

    does anyone have the part numbers for a sr20de power steering belt and alternator belt? cheers in advance!! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  12. D

    WTB: s15 spec R alternator

    Hi Looking for an alternator in a good condition. If anybody has something reasonable, please let me know. Thank you Greg.
  13. D

    Where to get alternator parts

    I need to order a voltage regulator for my alternator, I have the part number (somewhere) but can't find a supplier. The full s14 alternator has a different part number, can I use one of them and if so, will I need any other items or modifications to make it work?
  14. S

    Greddy oil cooler installation

    Has anyone got a link or instruction of how to fit? Does the intake manifold need to be taken out or just plenum only? How about alternator?
  15. D

    alternator belt

    my alternator has started to slip is the s14 belt the same for the s15???
  16. S

    Starting car problem

    Tonight, suddenly my car refused to start up after sitting only 1hour. The weather condition was light rain which might have/have not done something. I gave a good jump start and ran for about good half an hour but didn't start again. It makes multiple clicking noise when I tried to start so I...
  17. K

    WTB: WTB: S15 alternator

    Hey guys/gals as opic stats, i need an s15 alternator. If anyone has a spare let me know. OR if anyone knows of part numbers of aftermarket brands, could you please also let me know. Prefer new ones, but if i can't find new ones, i'm willing to get a second hand oem alternator while i wait...