1. D

    Location of wiper amp unit

    Hi all, This seems like a silly question, but does anyone know where the windscreen wiper amp unit is on an s15? On my older s13 and s14 s-body vehicles is been in the engine bay, close to the wiper motor itself but I can't seem to find it on the s15. The electrical diagram in the workshop...
  2. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: S15 Wiper amp relay

    Wanted S15 Wiper amp relay (intermittent delay) Hey guys looking for a intermittent delay wiper amp relay, if anyone has one... Part number 28510 85F00
  3. A

    Where is the Wiper Amp located?? help with wipers :(

    well im having a ball of misfortune with the car the last few months. last time i knew the wipers where working was 2 months ago the car has been parked est then. now i noticed the wipers will only work at the hightest speed setting and they will not return to the bottom of the window when you...
  4. J

    AMP/SUB wiring help!!

    Hey guys Just recently got my S15 here in tokyo and im having issues with my amp turning on at all. So far everything looks wired up correctly and the only thing i can think of that can be wrong would be the Remote Wire behind the deck. Currently hooked up on the BLUE/WHITE wire. Is that the...
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    speaker cut out. amp problem?

    ok guys this has been an issue for a while now have tried fixing it all the time can't figure it out so i'll ask you experts. So one time i cranked up my volume loud in my car and it sort of just stopped like it it blew but not sure what happened. So now when i go to turn the volume up my rear...
  6. M

    FS: Alpine 4 Channel Amp

    Alpine V series 4 channel Amp. Had this sitting as one of those "il use it someday" items. but being honest, my days of bangin tunes and sitting around with the boys and girls are over LOL! i really will not use it! dam good amp - £75 delivered???
  7. S

    Which battery?

    Hi. I know this sort of thread has been posted in the past, but just wanted to double check with other members. My battery has finally died, so I'm looking for a replacement. It never had much oomph ever since I got the car, and has recently let me down on a couple of occasions. Mike at...
  8. V

    amp lead??

    story people? can somebody please help me, im putting my old amp into the boot of the 15 im puzzeld as to where i can find a place in the friewall to bring the power lead from the battery into the car! can some body please help thanks
  9. I

    1999 jdm s15 - red

    Hi all , New to the forum hope u like my ride.. Turbo T28BB Engine SR20DET stock internals Exhaust: XForce Dump Pipe Full 3" Exhaust Turbz Back GKTECK Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold with Aviation grade nuts and double layered gasket Suspension: Nismo type S Shocks and...
  10. mook

    Adding a sub

    I've got a reasonable sound system in the motor at present with all the componant speakers having been replaced and now running off a pleasantly powerful Alpine 4 channel amp. However, there's no sub so I've not quite got the full range of frequencies that deserve to be heard. Now, I'm not by...
  11. S

    FS: Alpine Amps and Subwoofer

    Gents I was going to install this in my old car but since im now the proud owner of an S15, i wont be needing these anymore. V12 4 Channel Alpine Amp Alpine MRD-M500 Mono 500 Watt Amp 12" SWR-1242D Type R Sub in Box The lot for ?120 ono. Id rather you collect (SW London) as its heavy...
  12. A

    FS: Infinity 10" Sub and Amp with brand new wiring kit

    Selling a 2 weeks old Infinity 10" Sub and Amp with brand new wiring kit. Sub are in perfect condition, Amp with few minor scratches. Overall 99% new Looking for ?155 + ?15 postage. Reason selling because no time to install, busy to work. Can contact me on 07917054159 Thanks for looking Andy
  13. R

    Stereo thoughts...

    Hey guys, anyone know if the Stock stereo speakers are the same in all S15s? And if so when installing a stereo would you upgrade the standard speakers or would you just connect them to an amp? I currently have a 5 channel Alpine amp in my possesion which I took out of my old car before I sold...