1. R


    hey all little incident today where this guy and his kid are crossing the road on a speed bump, i stopped but this guy still felt the need to mouth at me "this is a walkway you **cking T**T and walked away, left me alittle suprised at how someone just says that to a stranger with his kid as...
  2. 2

    half cuts

    does any1 know where i can bring in a front half cut silvia s15 from website name numbers anything that can help i want to bring in a half to help me with my s15 project any1
  3. S15RKM

    Wheel Wobble

    I have now had my front wheels balanced twice and at 50/60mph the steering wheel still wobbles like mad but not under or over that speed any ideas. The wheels were balanced off the car not on it as I cant find any1 around here who does balancing on the vehicle. Any help please is much...
  4. subzero

    HDR Images

    Your HDR Images Trying to learn a few techniques with the new camera .... heres my first attempt any1 got a few cool 1s ??
  5. subzero

    Headlight Coloured Covers ??

    any1 know where to get these babies ... would love em in blue . i know there illegal and could only be used during the day, but there badass .... any 1 ? heres an example ... :nod:
  6. S

    WTB: 2nd hand ARC induction chamber 4 n/a..Irl

    as above any1 got one or knows where where there is one going cheapish?:wack:
  7. D

    Need help fitting intercooler

    I recently bought an intercooler which came from japan. Its an xs power one and the fitting instructions were not in the box. Has any1 fitted one before or does any1 know where i would get fitting instructions. Any help would be appreciated
  8. J

    WTB: log book

    any1 no wer i could get a log book for an S15?
  9. J

    my (soon to be) S15

    heres a pic of the S15 i put a deposit on jus las nite. i am really pleased with the car. i think it looks really well. does any1 no how hard it will be 2 put it through SVA?
  10. J

    nearly an S15 owner

    het guys, iv jus put a deposit on a 2001 Spec R S15 in gumetal grey last nite. iv always wanted 1 an iv hav 2 sell an AE86 and a peugeot 306 to cum up with the funds 2 buy it. :nod: iv still the AE86 to sell and the fella who has the S15 has sed he will wait til i get it sold which i thought was...
  11. B

    co2 emissions of an s15 spec r???

    hey guys just wonderin does any1 know the co2 emissions of a spec r?? thanks
  12. S

    wer 2 buy

    hey all, jst bought a spec s s15 3 weeks ago nd findin it fairly hard 2 find after market parts :mad:, im 4m ireland any1 wit any info on wer 2 buy is much appriciated, thanks in advance :)
  13. japmadlad

    gearbox diagram

    Would any1 have a diagram showing the breakdown of each part of the 6 speed gearbox?
  14. japmadlad

    Gearbox Issue

    I am now the proud owner of Jono's S15 Spec R:cool: :D :nod:. However on the journey home the gearbox started giving bother. I can't select reverse at all and I can't select 5th gear when stationary only when moving? Any1 have any idea what the problem is because I'm baffled. The lads at...
  15. P

    Qestion for the New Boy...

    hi, im a new boy to this site. I have few questions about the ratteling noise from the airbag (horn) place in the steering wheel. My mate has R34 GTR but his one doesnt rattle like mine (They looked same :P except GTR label). Does any1 have same problem? and any1 know how to stop it? (Easiest...