1. pegliobaglio

    FS: S15oc carbon slam panel

    Hi guys Was having a clear out and found this, I bought his off Darren a while back and since then it's just sat in it's box collecting dust . It's bnib I have no intention of fitting it and could do with some cash atm so if anyone wants it I am asking what I paid for it £110 If anyone wants...
  2. JDM_virgin

    boot ventilation part number

    This is a game id like to call 'name that number', basically there is an air vent in the boot that can be seen from underneath the back end, its on the drivers side and is located on the inside face of where the bumper mounts to the body. you can also feel it if you take out the boot rim for...
  3. tooley

    FAO - Everyone - Where can i get S15 Sills from (Not Nissan direct.... rip off gits)

    After removing my skirts ive noticed that my sills are ****ed by the odd bank impacts i have had drifting........ Since the car is getting a cage atm its worth getting new sills. Where can i get them from? Has anyone got any before? and finally would s14 sills be the same?
  4. M

    my s15 though not running atm :(

  5. S

    Next mods???

    bought a spec r jdm just has a turbo back exaust thats pretty much it. THINGS I BOUGHT SO FAR THAT NEED TO BE INSTALLED HKS SUCTION RELOADED KIT HKS EVC-S BOOST CONTROLLER HKS TURBO TIMER factory boost (.7 highest) am wondering what fuel pump I should buy or if is needed if im going to...
  6. Fruitbooter

    S15 6 speed oil capacity?

    Okay so I read you can overfill them to 2.3ltrs? Can hold 2lrts using the nomal fill hole.. Today I filled it up through the gear stick hole and I almost went through 3 Redline MT90 bottles (0.946ltrs each) It didnt reach its capacity I just stopped as I had vissions of gearbox oil seeping...
  7. pegliobaglio

    suspension bush kits

    Hi guys, A question for those of you who have refreshed your suspension. I want to try do a full refurb in the new year,am looking into bush kits atm,superpro are top of the list atm as they are brilliant quality and not as harsh on the road as other kits can be,but this comes at a price! Atm I...
  8. pegliobaglio

    grey s15 white wheels pics?

    grey s15 wheel colour pics? Hey guys am in serious need of some new wheels but really can't make my mind up on colour atm I am sure I have seen a grey 15 with white wheels before and it looked nice. Just wondered if anyone could post up some pics of grey 15 with different colour wheels on to...
  9. pegliobaglio

    Radiator options advice please

    Right guys ,been putting this off for a while as had other things I needed first but now ts time to get a new rad Was orginally going for the apex 56mm but have heard story about leaks and other problems so am going to spend the extra on a branded rad.any suggestions welcome atm looking at...
  10. pegliobaglio

    polished rim help!!!

    Hi guys, I have polished rims on my car atm and don't really have the cash to replace them atm so was wondering if there is anything I can do to repair the damage or make it look a little beTter at least?? It has white spots and splits in the finish of the wheels where the weather has gotten to...
  11. lvaleiron

    dumb question!

    Guys:D, I'll like to know how much can i boost my car safely. Here's the deal, the mods that i got: Ex. manifold, full exhaust, fmic, 550cc inj and walbro fuel pump. I have the standard ECU and it's running pig rich atm... you guys think i can go to around 13 or 14 psi without a tune? Maybe...
  12. C

    Pic Request - Pewter S15 with smoked Yashio's

    As title really - Pics of pewter S15's with the smoked Yashio factory tail lights :) (or someone with superior Photoshop skills than myself!) I've got clear ones ATM, but maybe want to swap to the smoked style but want to see what they look like before spending my monies...
  13. richy200

    Does the speedo still work with ABS removed?

    If i removed the abs from my s15 will the speedo still work? (the s15's read the speed from the abs not from the gearbox like on the s14/14a) i'm looking to fit a hydrolic handbrake on saturday and have been told the ABS interfiers with it. Plus ATM it's cabletied out of the way because of my...
  14. W

    WTB: Anyone selling their Spec-S

    Hi guys, anyone selling their S15 Spec S atm? Cheers
  15. S

    Goodridge brake lines

    I'm thinking of buying this kit and wondering if this kit will work with Z32 rear caliper? If it will then I don't have to buy two kits and combine Is anyone using this atm?
  16. B

    what oil do s15's need?

    My service is a while away but I have no idea what oil is in it atm lol I know you use synthetic but what type? cheers
  17. B

    BOOSTED's s15

    here's a couple of quick pics I took it's totally stock, doesn't even have floor mats atm lol I'll put up more pics later :D
  18. I

    New Australian member

    Hi thought id introduce myself. My names Alex, just bought my first s15 a week ago. Loving it. Definitely a good choice. Dont know what i plan to do to it atm, but enjoying reading about the stuff everyone else has done to theirs on here, heaps of inspiration :thumbs:
  19. F

    Hi I'm Micah

    don't have a S15 YET, but I'm looking for one in Japan atm with some ppl that import japanese cars. As soon as we find something nice It'll get shipped over. just regged here to see what stuff is good to put on the s15 and what stuff to look at etc etc. so lemme introduce myself. I'm 19...
  20. K


    hey guys, nice lookin cars out there. this is my first car, s15 ADM R-gT nice meetin ya all Here's wat it looks like atm, comments welcome I bet the guy with the blu silvia gona reply first hahaha :P