1. D

    WTB: dual mass flywheel and clutch wanted

    I am looking for a dual mass flywheel, clutch and bolts for a S15 for converting my SR20 auto to a manual. Thanks Daniel
  2. L

    Auto to manual conversion info?

    Hey all, i've found myself a decent pearl white s15 (adm Spec r GT) that has been owned since new by a nissan dealership manager. It's done a fairly high number of Km's but has been serviced every 5-10,000km and is significantly cheaper than a manual currently for sale. ($9,000) Does anyone...
  3. M

    Spec r auto

    Have Nissan made a spec r auto? Doing an auto conversion for a customer and firstly need a couple of parts but also wondered as I haven't seen one if they made a spec r auto??
  4. fez06

    WTB: s15 spec r auto wiring looms

    I'm after the above engine and gearbox looms if anyone knows of any about or may know someone who could have one. Cheers
  5. R

    Quick Question

    Hey So I recently picked up a fresh import S15 Spec R, and one of the things that has been bugging me and making me doubt my own purchase is that my dash has the automatic transmission light strip section on it, whilst being on a manual car. So I'm sitting here thinking, has the dash been...
  6. Cris69

    auto to manual conversion HELP....

    Hi i have found a s15 that i really like nice and clean but its an auto and for the price it is im not to bothered!! but i will want to convert it at some point!! i have found a gear box but what else would i need and would s14a parts fit?! i have sourced pedals from australia and gear stick...
  7. T

    Electrical stuff after S15 Spec S auto to manual conversion

    I have been googling and forum hopping for the past two weeks, and I am now 99% clued up on what a auto to manual swap entails, but the only question that still go unanswered is "Which wires go where?". I intend to run the auto ECU for now, since I'm building a new motor, and when it is finished...
  8. Krish

    S14a auto diff straight into s15

    Hi guys! Just got my s15 but it's got a 2 way and I want it more for daily. I have an s14a auto diff that I can put in if it works? Any help appreciated Krish
  9. X

    Another Aussie S15 Owner

    Hey all. I've stumbled across this site many times before when searching topics about s15's and figured it was time to join :nod:. I own a 2000 model 200sx S15 (Aussie spec) in gunmetal grey. The car is completely stock bar a full 3" turbo-backed exhaust, and minor things like AM tail lights...
  10. pinky15

    FS: a/c vents, window switch controls, and speedo cluster.

    Picked up these items for members on the forum and I guess they decided they didnt want them. Tried to return them but cant so I just want the stuff gone. Ill post up some pictures tomorrow. A/c vents x5 -60$ All are in good shape but a few have the metal clips broken off but they still fit...
  11. F

    FS: Auto Dash Clocks

    I've got a spare set of s15 clocks for sale, came from a spec s (has the auto numbers on the fuel/temp gauge. £50 plus postage
  12. B

    interior lighting

    Hey guys quick question regarding dash lighting. I dont have any lighting around the rear demister button and in the climate control unit there is nothing lighting the "auto" and "off" or the temp knob. Is all of this meant to light up? i assume the "auto" and "off" and knob are but is the rear...
  13. - 0h -

    Autech ECU

    Hey all... I'm wondering if Autech ECU is a good and cheap upgrade for an Spec S (na) model? Since my car was originally auto and then changed to a 6spd box now... If i put this ecu in, would it make any different?? cheers
  14. T

    Nice Silvia on 370Z wheels

    found this car on Feast Auto Group Uploaded with
  15. S


    Hi Guys I am business owner developing a promotional ride I am the owner of a 02 GT since new (untouched) and won't advice from you as to best Modify her and turn her into a show stopper (totally transform currently auto as well)
  16. W

    s15 fender braces (not s14)

    I'm looking for some good fender braces to suit the s15, I've seen some listed for s14-ONLY so s14 must be different to s15 here. So far these are the ones I've found for the s15: Ultra racing, but only 2 point: Nagisa auto, but not triangulated: j-speed, but only 2-point: Is there...
  17. R

    The Turbo Question..on a SPEC S :O

    Hi Guys, I have a S15 Spec S NA Auto which I use for an everyday ride (Traffic is bad where I am so hence the Auto). Great on the fuel Economy and nice on the eyes. Things may change depending on the response I get on this thread.. :eek: I do have a bit of a itch developing so I was...
  18. - 0h -

    Swapping from Spec S ECU to Spec R ECU

    hi there... I have a S15 Spec S Auto but I have converted to manual using 6spd box from Spec R....i'm wondering if I swap my factory Spec S auto ECu to Manual Spec R ECU...would it make any different in any ways?? thanks for all the answers :D:D
  19. B

    FS: Sr20de engine, low mileage

    Selling my sr20de engine, great runner with only around 50,000 miles, just the engine for sale, no ancillaries or wiring loom, can come with auto ecu if wanted for free! £150 collected open to offers
  20. B

    FS: S15 Spec s bits for sale, Engine/box etc

    Im selling the unwanted bits form my s15 as ive just recently converted it to an sr20det, selling the s20de engine which has only covered 49,000 miles, also the Auto gearbox. Engine has got no ancilleries with it or wiring loom but does come with ecu, gearbox has no wiring with it either...