1. Sparky

    Meet: JDM North @ Oulton Park

    Hi Guys, Joined this group a couple of weeks ago and they are having a meet at Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire. Meet is organised for 30th November, 11am to 5pm. Entry is £2 per person as far as I am aware. 240 listed as going so far. I shall be attending in my black Spec R, if any other Silvia...
  2. C

    Dial cluster bulbs

    Hi guys, I have some bad bulbs in my cluster and they want replacing but I can't find what type they are for the life of me. Done a search and found zero actual information, and the local motor factors didn't have any like the ones I took out to compare. I'm aware there are 1.4, 2 and 3w ones...
  3. JaseYpk

    FS: FREE CAT! (not the type with fur and a tail...)

    I removed it YEARS ago and stashed it in the shed. Its free to whoever wants it. Works fine as far as i'm aware, but like I said, ITS FREE! You just pay for postage, which will probs be around £10. :)
  4. moomin

    Auto V Manual??

    Hey, as some of you peeps know, im on the hunt for a new S15.... Just found a nice looking one down where i live for a very good price, only thing is, its a auto, as far as im aware there are no differences in performance etc etc between a auto & manual?? is that correct?? If so i may have to go...
  5. T

    S15 specific Nismo parts

    Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me? I'm trying to find out what parts nismo made/ still make for the s15. I'm aware of generic nismo products such as their gear knobs, wheels, fuel pressure regulators, injectors, etc but was trying to find whats available specially made for the s15, such as...
  6. Darren_S15

    Boost Pressure Leak?

    Im sure this must have been asked before but I cannot find anything on it... My engine is standard apart from an aftermarket exhaust manifold, and my boost guage is the factory one too. Just been out in my car and noticed that the boost guage is only going to about 0.5 when my foot is fully...
  7. M

    Autoadvan Aware Scam

    hi guys jurgen asked me to post this on his behalf. Thanks. this car is at my unit and i have mailed the seller to remove from his site to no avail. so all be...
  8. D

    HKS SSQV recirc and adapter

    where is the best place to get one of these?? is there anything i should be aware of when getting one and does anyone have a fitting guide??? sorry for the repost if it is
  9. S

    4 wheel steering?

    Hey! I was looking at some S15 for sale i sweeden and it sais that it have 4 wheel steering (not shore i'm writing it right, but anyway). I was not aware that S15 hade that? do all S15 have it or just some of them?