1. R

    WTB: Aero bumper with fog light holders and surroundings

    Hey guys, Im looking for an aero bumper with fog light stuff, if someone has one or knows where i can geht one that would be awesome :)
  2. D

    Really awesome wheels, size and offset any good?

    Hi guys, I can get my hands on a really awesome set of rims. Since my S15 will be transformed into a widebody Vertex Edge with +50mm fenders, i wondered the wheels i can get will fit the total package? Specs of wheels are: Front: 18" 10J offset-1 Rear: 18" 11,5J offset -21 Hope you guys can...
  3. phillll

    Parts Shop MAX/Powered by MAX

    Anyone ever bought any of their stuff? Interested in their coilovers and a couple other bits. They look awesome! Gear Knobs look epic too.
  4. R

    New member / owner of an S15

    Hello everybody, I have recently purchased a car some of you might be familiar... its blinx's old Lighting yellow Spec-S which he sold to Marius_s15 back in 2008 and that he brought into Spain in 2010, I got my first s-chassis last year, a spanish-spec S14 which I bought stock and I'm slowly...
  5. T

    New Member! hey from vancouver BC canada!

    hey! im from vancouver bc canada! im 23, a mechanic at langley chrysler, and love cars with a passion! have been drag racing casually since i was 16 at the local strip, and just recently last season started drifting on a more competative level! i recently picked up my dream car!... well almost...
  6. spoonman

    Good for a laugh, Say dumb stuff on a forum = you get burned OFFROAD-EXPRESS NZ

    This guy asked a normal question and then a really awesome one, in typical kiwi style we are being pricks to him now, have a read & bit of a laugh
  7. Parky

    Anyone identify this spoiler / lip..?

    I spotted this on the S15 Lovers page on Facebook, have been considering a D-Max ducktail but not keen on how far they stick out, this one looks perfect so can anyone tell me what it is? I reckon combined with an Origin roof spoiler it would look awesome.
  8. JDM_virgin

    Open Event: Relentless Racing Tour Of Duty 17th August 2013 would any one be up for attending this? sounds like it should be an quality evening as there are loads of clubs and photographers going, would be awesome to see some S15's in the mix basically its a tunnel run around london. its an official event so i assume no dicking...
  9. S15_SAM

    mint low mileage fresh s15 spec R i found, in japanese auctions

    Been searching for an nissan cube on my garages japanese auction site (for the mrs), but also having a sneaky look at the s15's! check out this 17,000km mint one! yes its no aero but a grade 4.5 and super low mileage, its awesome! when i win the lottery i will be buying so many of the...
  10. B

    Spec S vs Spec R ... this might not be that bad of a comparison after all

    i was looking at a japanese importing website recently and i was looking at the prices of s15 silvia's... i noticed that on average, a good spec S s15 silvia's were less than half the price of the good Spec R s15s.. and the only differences (correct me if i'm wrong) between the Spec R and Spec S...
  11. LuPix_S15


    Hey all :) Just thought I'd put up some pics from last night's TOA (The Orient Academy) meet which is now the first Monday evening of every month. Was my first attendance and it was a great turnout... big, flat carpark with lots of room, friendly atmosphere, loads of awesome Jap machines on...
  12. richy200

    Me and tooley drifting pembrey 13/02/2011 VID

    Hey guys saw this video today and was pretty good. The track was riddiculously wet Awesome day, managed to get a 3 car train going also :)
  13. natune

    Finally, i have one!

    hey everyone, well ive been without my own car for a few months now, the integra went to a new owner so i could get the funds for my next dream car! after a few months of waiting for newera imports to find me another awesome car, and driving around in a boat of a accord estate! this came up...
  14. M

    Great Ocean Road - Aussie Members

    Hi Everyone. I'm just having fantasies of an ultimate driving holiday, and since the Alps or Germany are a little outside the budget for now, I am starting to look for something awesome within the country. Has anybody here driven the great ocean road? I'm from Brisbane and haven't been down...
  15. D

    This weekend....

    Well.... since i sold my silv' over 12 months ago, i've been driving the missus's 1.4 fiesta and my trafic van. But my power desire was put to rest for a short while this weekend.... i went out in..... OH MY GOD! they are SO fricken awesome! they literally make ANYONE a...
  16. adz87kc


    hey guys, been lurking around for a short time so thought i'd introduce myself. Currently i have an EK9 and a YZF600R but if all goes to plan i'll be putting a deposit down for a S15 in the next couple of days :nod: A friend of mine took me out in his s14a and it was awesome, so i have the rwd...
  17. subzero

    Congrats to " Raystang " on a cover / feature in MIJ mag

    Car looked awesome mate . nice write up too.
  18. W

    ECU tuning

    Just wondering if any of your guys have tuned power fc's or know how much timing boosted up S15's normally run? Looking mainly around the 2500-4500rpm range on full throttle. Any help would be awesome
  19. Robbyp

    tranny or granny!

    Ha check out this quiz pure awesome got 11/16 in it. Also try the gash or tash one ha 16/16 oh i feel good ha the music is awesome to
  20. D


    Well wat can i say apart from awesome. Finally picked it up yesterday and i'm speachless totally. Wat a thrill and buzz, truly awesome. Stands out from the crowd and just drives like a dream with power to spare Gunna have to go to a track day to learn how to control the beast :D , lost the...