1. waterboy

    Failte from Ireland (Waterford)

    Hi Every One! I'm an 38 years old "mechanic", running a small tyre shop but doing almost any jobs on cars, especially on our cars. I'm originally hungarian but living in Ireland, Waterford, so forgive me for my english, try to do my best. I've owned lots of different cars including lots...
  2. JaseYpk

    Twin backbox?

    Sorry my wording of the subject is a bit weird, anyways, i know its like an unwritten rule, that modified jap cars must have a large single backbox, that roars its way to high heaven.. but. i've currently got a twin box (if thats the right name for it.. one backbox, with two exits.. lol) and i...
  3. mint

    s14 Cat fit a s15?

    Anyone know? I need one for the MOT. The Exhaust is OE at the moment with an HKS backbox
  4. T

    My S15

    well guys i havnt posted of my car untill now but here she is. The mods are small HKS FMIC BLITZ SUS FILTER APEXI BACKBOX RACEING CLUTCH(dont know make) BLITZ DUMP VALVE BLITZ TURBO TIMER 18" AVS BRONZE ALLOYS