1. S

    WTB: genuine Silvia badge

    for the bootlid ^^ anyone got one/know where i can get one.
  2. S

    bhp adding bages!!!

    ok people hers one for you to fight over which any one badge added, to any one car adds the most bhp? s15 spec s = 150bhp s15 spec r = 250bhp there for the spec r badge adds 100bhp!
  3. mint

    OEM Smoked Silvia badge

    Rear badge guys, the "Silvia" one thats like smoked black, where can get one of these new from? Boot's away in to get sprayed in a couple of weeks so wanna get one ^_^ arigato
  4. M

    WTB: "silvia" boot badge

    as above, im after a silvia boot badge black chrome one if possible! cheers people:thumbs:
  5. B

    removing the rear nissan badge.

    i know this was briefly discussed in another topic. But i was just wondering how some of you removed the badge? and just to double check that there will be no holes left behind the badge after removing it that will need filling and spraying. any ideas or tips will be appreciated. cheers...
  6. P

    WTB: Wanted Original jap style silvia s15 bonnet badge

    Wanted Original jap style silvia s15 bonnet badge as mycar came with a huge ugly nissan badge i am after a stock s15 S style one if any one has one. thanks pikie
  7. J


    Hi all can anyone tell me where can i buy a "200sx" badge? I've search in Ebay and Yahoo... but i can't find thankyou!