1. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top mount mani and downpipe

    Hi guys i have a brand new mazworx top mount mani with tial v band flanges and also their 3" downpipe kit with v band flanges that I am considering selling. the kit is brand new and mint condition .( will include tial v band clamps) when I bought this it cost me around £1250 with shipping and...
  2. I

    Newbie from Kent, UK

    Hello Everyone, I currently own a 2007 Seat Ibiza Fr pushing out around 250bhp and 305bs torque and wanting something a little quicker. Basically signed up to gain a little more info about tuning and space in the car. I am currently in a band and the only stopping me looking further is the...
  3. JEZ 8553

    Chage to UK Taxation from April 2010

    This is taken from the MLR website and is a letter recieved by one of its members. Many members have also been complaining for some time about the DVLA/VOSA's inconsitency with its taxation system for imported vehicles... Good news for those of us currently paying the emission banding rate...
  4. P

    Band Expander

    Hi guys, I have quite a nice JDM eclipse unit in my car. Can play DVDs/CDs/MP3s and so on. But the radio only goes to 90mhz. After trailing through ebay, found band expanders are quite cheap, so just wondering if anyone has installed one on a JDM stereo and basically, does it do what it says...
  5. J

    Help a fellow club member!!!

    Dear everyone! My band 'Leatherat' are lined up to play a reasonably large festival in Aylesbury this summer and the organisers have decided in order to pick out the talent they will let the public vote on who plays :rolleyes: If you feel kind and have a spare 60 seconds to help out a...
  6. Nicely

    So, who in the UK has post-2001 registered S15?

    You're road tax has just lept, I'm afraid. New rules applying to post-2001 registered cars mean that if it produced more than 185g/km CO2, you get wacked for a ?25 per year increase in road tax. The official listing for the S14 is 233g/km.... Those registered pre-2001 get a ?5 increase. The...