1. Nicely

    480cc injector flow-rate

    There has been a bit of dispute recently (not on this forum) over the actual flow-rate of 480cc injectors. Some people will just blindly say its 480cc @ 3 bar. Someone has said that its 440cc @ 3 bar (based on what it now obviously an error in the PFC manual). One thing was certain - no-one knew...
  2. Nicely

    Whiteline Anti-roll/sway bar group buy

    Can I draw your attention to a limited period Whiteline roll/sway bar GB being offered by Apex Performance until the 25th May. :)
  3. sushiming

    Bodykit fitment

    hey guys I am thinking to get a bodykit as most of u know. I wanna knwo if anyone has had a problem with fitment ive been told I might have to cut the crash bar is tht right or wrong there?? I am looking to get a Gp Sports kit...
  4. sushiming

    Engine damper

    hey guys I got myself a engine damper but I was wondering would it be better to have the damper on top of the strut bar or should it go underneath it?? I was thinking under the strut bar myself just wanted to ask opinons