1. D

    Boost too low?

    Hey guys, Last your I swapped my sr20de for a spec R sr20det engine. After driving it the first time I was a bit dissapointed because I did not get the power I was hoping for. I installed a boost gauge and noticed that it only got up to 0.3-0.4 bar. I just and rechecked the whole systems for...
  2. A

    Fuel flap hinge snapped

    So I filled with petrol & then shut the flap but it didn't want to so I made it shut, then when h got home & took a look, it wouldn't open & I had to pry it open, it fitted perfect all round before but it was now hard up against the left side. The bar that is the hinge sheared off, is it...
  3. R

    Random Boost Creep?

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to do some research but I'm getting confused. Basically today I've taken the car out for an hour today just to charge the battery, I've given a bit of beans and noticed the warning light on my Defi Boost gauge flash, The warning is set to 0.9 bar, It normally stays...
  4. willy s15

    FS: sr20 det -rb25det random parts for sale

    -tomei sr20 det 88mm 1.5 thinckness 100pounds -hks singe valve 60punds -rb25 stock intake 60pounds -s14 oem arms 80pounds -gkteck clear cover for cas 30pounds -sr20det from s15 ex with donw pipe 60pounds -cusco bar front 80pounds brand new -bar frond ( black ) used 40pounds -bar frond...
  5. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Oil light with boost

    Hi Peeps, I have noticed that if I accelerate my S15. The oil light will come on after a certain boost pressure. I do not know if it is a certain rev range or a certain bar pressure that instigates the oil light to come on. Car has been de-mapped to 1.1 bar (not sure what that works out as in...
  6. H

    Mods for 300-350bhp

    Hi all I am new to the s15 scene, so new in fact I'm still bidding in the jap auctions for one ha. I just wanted some information of what mods I will need to get the above bhp. I understand this may be covered before so I do apologise. I know a bit from having an st205 GT-FOUR before hand...
  7. FreakensNL

    Stock high rev boost creep? 0,6->1,0bar

    With open waste-gate still 14 psi Update: with waste-gate tied open I still get 7psi @ 4k rpm, than goes to 14psi till redline... Problem is i am running stock tune, so @ 14psi i'm seeing AFR's of 14.5 (between 3.5-4,5k rpm) AFR at high rev's is good, 11 a 12...
  8. dave_t

    Fitting Harnesses to Bucket Seats WITHOUT a cage

    I have a pair of Bride's i will be fitting to the S15 but i want to know if any of you guys have fitted a 4 point harness to a Silvia WITHOUT a Harness Bar on the roll cage. I dont plan on getting a cage anytime soon :down:
  9. T

    WTB: Wtb s15 rear bar

    I want to buy a s15 rear bar preferably stock rear bar and preferably pewter silver thanks
  10. Lanyard

    FS: Tegiwa Harness Bar

    Bought this to fit into my car with the buckets and harness without losing the rear seats but decided not to fit it as I'm now selling the car. Cool little bit of kit that allows you to fit harnesses to the bar and still be able to use the rear seat - albeit a little awkwardly! Looks shiny too...
  11. Parky

    OEM Oil pressure guage intermittent...

    The oil pressure guage has started to play up, usually peaked around 4 bar and sat around 2.5 bar, now it works occasionally but tends to sit at zero and peak at just under 2 bar. Any ideas what could be causing it? fixes?
  12. J

    WTB: WTB: Carbing Strut Bar

    Looking for a Carbing Front Strut bar. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know. Thank You
  13. S

    Help for next mods...

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on what to do next with my S15. I brought it about a month ago with these mods: Greddy intercooler Greddy profex boost controller Z32 air flow meter Nistune ecu + remap Hks actuator Apexi intake Splitfire coilpacks Walbro fuel pump Japspeed down pipe Japspeed...
  14. D

    WTB: Rear anti roll bar and complete SR20DE wiring loom

    Hi, I am looking for a rear Apex Performance anti roll bar, preferably with droplinks. And I am looking for a SR20DE uncut wiring loom with abs and a/c. Let me know if you got something for me. ;)
  15. D

    WTB: Had a accident need some parts :-(

    Hi ya all my beloved s15 spec r been in a accident as I was exiting a roundabout a Romanian reg Audi a8 pulled out and clipped the passages frontside of my car and he shot off I don't want to go though my own insurance and get it written off I need a new complete front slam panel front bumper...
  16. P

    Does knock sensor fault pull timing and reduce boost?

    Had my spec R since March 2011. Engine and breathing all standard until a week ago. Since maybe November it has not been making standard boost and has felt quite flat and a bit unresponsive on the throttle. I have spent a lot of time looking for boost leaks, and last week fitted a new blitz...
  17. R-Spec

    FS: S15 Ultra Racing Anti Roll Bar front (29mm) NEW

    Hi Guys, I'm selling this Front Anti Roll Bar. I bought a pair but only needed the rear so this is brand spanking new These RRP new for over £250.. check it out...
  18. R-Spec

    Anti roll bar thickness of different makes

    Hello, sorry didn't search very well as I'm sure its been covered but: 1. What are the standard front and rear anti roll bar (aka thickness's / size) diameter in mm please? 2. What are whiteline 3. and any other makes? 4. Are S15 the same as S14?
  19. N80Jamie

    Identifying Parts

    Got the S15 up on the ramps for the first time tonight and spotted some extra chassis/ suspension parts i didnt know i had. I'm unsure on what each part is as im not really clued up on all this! If someone could let me know from these crap pictures (sorry!) what they are, that would be great...
  20. Havoc

    Front crash bar?

    Right guys, Does anyone know if the front crash bar on the s15 (black one you normaly remove when fitting a FMIC) is the same as a S14 one? Leading onto my second question of will one fit if you do some chopping to it, to allow for the FMIC? Basically want to refit it to help support the...