1. Jaydej

    Dash light

    Hey guys how easy isit the change the bulbs behind the dash as my temp one is really faded and you can barely see it at night
  2. Parky

    D-Max 50/50 Lights... Not very bright?

    Anyone else who owns the D-Max 50/50 rear lights, are yours a bit on the dim side? A mate was behind me today (daylight) and he said he could barely see the brake lights...? Not ideal if that's how they are..! :confused:
  3. M

    Hey From Australia

    Hi everyone In 5 weeks ill be the proud owner of a 01 S15 and cant wait.. I was just wondering if theres any problems i should look for before buying this car.. It standard apart from the exhaust and has barely been driven as the owner worked in the mines and didnt drive it to often. Any...
  4. A

    Engine sounding like a rotary?

    Hey guys, yesterday i was driving the 200sx up the hill, 1st was fine, went into second and gave it a good boost, the car then suddenly sounded like a rotar and barely moved anywhere, i had trouble to turn it back round and get it home as i tried accelerating the car barely picked up any revs...
  5. H

    Rear seat space?

    Hi guys, been keeping my eye out for an S15 for a while now but have just read something in another thread which has prompted me to ask a question I should have asked months ago - how much space is there in the back? I come from an FTO and being 6'1" there was barely any space in the back of...