1. fez06

    Battery needs changing but struggling to find one

    iv still not got a battery for my car its dead now needs boosting everytime and wont hold charge. But I cant find an exact raplcement, not in the UK anyway, I know a lot of people run FMIC's so use micra batteries are these batterys smaller as mine wont fit sideways? and how do you route the...
  2. fez06

    car battery recomendations

    Think my batteries fecked its flat everytime I get to it even after a good charge or run, so I'm going to try a new battery. As anyone got any recommendations on batteries, needs to be another small one like the original. Cheers John
  3. Mike

    Tires and starting advice.

    Evening, Not sure if you saw my other post in general but i need two front tires, I've had a snoop around but just after some advice really, what do you run what would you buy in my situation? Car isnt commuted in, used 2-3 times a week, spirited driving when its actually driven on weekends...
  4. S

    Which battery?

    Hi. I know this sort of thread has been posted in the past, but just wanted to double check with other members. My battery has finally died, so I'm looking for a replacement. It never had much oomph ever since I got the car, and has recently let me down on a couple of occasions. Mike at...
  5. D

    batteries for FMIC's

    could someone please measure their battery that they've got when using a FMIC. basically.....obviously height doesn't matter... but width and length and which way the terminals go etc... mates mum works at a place that sells batteries but need to know the size in to make sure it's the right...