1. R

    Engine bay rust repair?

    Hey guys, went to see an s15 at the weekend with a friend of mine. He has a small budget so we’re looking at the bottom of the barrel, anyway the car we went to see had a few small rust blisters in the engine bay where the factory air box would be and on the seem around the strut/turret, he...
  2. H

    WTB: ***WANTED Spec R engine bay loom***

    as above
  3. JDM_virgin

    3" downpipe and elbow for s14/s15

    Access Denied will fit an s15 but is a tight fit. willing to sell outside of the bay to forum members
  4. S

    Engine bay paint for WK0 S15

    Does anyone one know what paint Nissan used for engine bay in WK0 painted S15's? looking to touch up the engine bay in mine but struggling to get a match. order a couple of shades of WK0 base coat but nothing seems to match. anyone used anything that gives a half decent match?
  5. A

    S15 battery harness

    Never mind.
  6. jake

    WTB: S15 big radiator and intercooler piping

    Hey guys I'm looking for a big radiator for my s15 looking for a japspeed one or similar Also looking for some inter cooler pipping Ideally with blue silicon joins to match the rest of my engine bay Also if any is selling a good bov as well Thank guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. fez06

    WTB: sr20det shiney oil cap

    It's for my missus car only after a cheap and cheerful one can't have her bay looking better than mine : )
  8. M

    WTB: Interior and engine bay parts needed!

    Hi Guys, I'm after some interior parts : Interior : - A-pillar complete except the boost gauge. - Door card parts for both sides see picture : Engine Bay : - SR20DE RWD S15 Rockercover - S15 Cooling panel Carbon or Fiberglass - S15 SR20DE Airfilter Cover Top part : Send me a PM if you...
  9. Parky

    Weird whistling noise coming from engine bay...?

    Before anyone suggests it no I don't have a small bird living in my engine bay... :D This has been going on a while, sounds like it is coming from the right hand side of the bay and the pitch alters with the speed of the engine (faster = higher pitched, slower = lower pitched)... It's literally...
  10. JDM_virgin

    electrical issues

    whilst still on the trail of getting the car repaired I am having some major headaches with the electrics firstly, does anyone know if the batery goes completely flat will this throw up an engine management error that will have to be cleared before the car is started? as my motorbike had to be...
  11. M

    does this car have a hidden history

    hi guys I am new on here decided I want an s15 just missed out on reepers13' s s15 and have seen this car on e bay it was previously owned by markturbo here its now for sale on ebay a lot cheaper than afew months ago...
  12. T

    Not boosting then thumping sound from block

    Hey guys I'm a new S15 owner and I just serviced it 2 weeks ago. Did spark plugs and spaced them. Then I encountered a problem with it not boosting and a weird sound in the engine bay. Sounded like it was coming from the top of the dump pipe. We took the old gasket out and re sealed it. It seems...
  13. Nissan_S15

    Genral cost to remove cam cover?

    Hey guys, Just a quick one regarding the engine bay cam cover on a spec S S15. Basically Im looking to get it removed and then resprayed in a different colour to brighten up the engine bay. However I just wondered whether anyone had any experience removing this and how hard was it? Also if I...
  14. S

    S15 banzai feature June 2013

    Has anyone seen this? Wondered what people's opinions were, especially when I read it was the Mona Lisa from Tokyo Drift!! Makes me wanna wire tuck my bay so badly, possibly the best s15 I've seen.. Any thoughts? Bit disappointed with the air suspension.
  15. Burnsy

    Silicone Hoses

    Hey. Looking to change the 15's engine bay look. Anyone know what's the best and cheapest way to buy replacement hoses? ive seen you can buy what you need singularly but this does start to add up. Anyone know of a kit to suit my needs? Are the ebay alternatives as good as samco? here is my...
  16. S

    car wont start..

    hey guys my car seems to not start i went filled up at the petrol station.. and came back to turn it on and it wouldnt start. it turns but theres no start.. i should note i degreased the engine bay today and gave it a light spray over after 3-4 hours before filling up.. maybe water somewhere...
  17. Jay-pan

    What FPR and fittings.

    Going to be adding a Fuel pressure regulator soon just wondering if people could suggest a good FPR? Also What fittings(size) and extras will i need? looking to upgrade all the fuel lines to braided in the engine bay? and if anyone has a diagram to show where the fuel lines are located in the...
  18. G

    engine bay grey

    hi guys, does anyone know the paint code for the grey in the engine bay? my car is fully stripped down so cant take it over to the paint supply place to get a coulour match. unless another part of the car is the same colour. i will do a propper introduction when im not snowed under and have...
  19. s15Irl

    Engine Bay pics please!

    Hi there am looking for some engine bay pictures as I'm currently dressing up my engine bay a little bit! Recently got a strut brace, have a hks filter on the way and am still waiting on my rocker cover to get it sprayed! Also been looking at some silicone radiator hoses and carbon...
  20. JaseYpk

    Engine Bay Paint (for WV2 cars)

    Hey hey! Does anyone know the paint code, OR even better, a matching alternative available off the shelf, for the pewter (WV2) engine bay? The bay is a matt grey colour. And i'm colour blind (to some degree) so dont fancy paining a multi-coloured engine bay without realising it! :p Thanks!! :)