1. B

    New member from Melb :)

    Hi all, My names bobi im 22 years old and ive owned my s15 for 2 and a half years now.. Also a member on and Im currently in the end stages of rebuilding my motor as i spun a bearing late last year. Quick specs of new setup: - Nitto 2.2L stroker kit with h beam rods -...
  2. J

    these the right HIDS?

    hi, mine are getting old nowwww. these right for the normal beam 6000k h1? and then what would i need for high beam...
  3. richy200

    Are usa s15 headlights the same as the Uk in regards to beam pattern?

    Hi guys as above, do countried who drive on the rhd side of the road have different lights to us or do they have to put those beam corrector stickers on their lights? I've smashed my s15 n/s/f light and i can get one from lithuania/america but i wasn't sure if the beam pattern would be correct...
  4. J

    S15 headlight low beam connectors / plugs for S14.5 conversion

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the connector in the red circle? It's for the low beam: I already have the following plugs / connectors: - B4343-79901 -> Parking lights and turn signals - HB3 9005 universal plugs or original Nissan B4342-0UFB0 -> High beam So I'm just...
  5. P

    headlight adjustment

    hey guys i have fitted some hids and have really noticed my beams are wey too low on one side so i want to even them up. only thing is i have no idea which bit/s to adjust to improve pitch of beam. pictures would be great
  6. mint

    Full Beam wont turn off?

    Ok just parked up at a mates house, got a lift to a gig by his Mrs and got a text when she got home to say Iv left my lights on.. No biggy.. the s15 has a battery of steal! It'll last for a few hours before I get back.. so turned up, to find my tail lights werent on.. odd? So got the car open...
  7. subzero

    Low beam bulb removal

    Low beam bulb removal (pt 2 where to get hid bulb?) how the hell do you remove this cover without breaking it ... got the full beam bulb out no bother , this one turns fine but dosent pop out, is there a nack to it ??
  8. subzero

    headlight level adjust??

    failed my nct (irish car text) for dimmed beam being too high, remember reading a thread here on adjusting the level of the beam but cant for the hell of me find it. just dont want to be breaking something while messing with the light.
  9. Nicely

    Bulb specs and types

    You may find this useful when you need to replace bulbs. There are some quite unusual bulbs on the S15 :nod: Unless stated, all bulbs are white Headlight unit Low beam: H1 (55W) High beam: HB3 9005 (60W) OEM HID low beam: D2S (35W) 4300k?. Exterior Sidelight/parking: 501 (5W) Front...
  10. S

    anyone had issues with S15 HID in relation to their highbeam

    hello there just wondering has anyone here who has an S15 with HID setup for low beam and when you switch the high beam on a few times, it kills the HID (as in fries the ballast) because this is the second time i needed to use my high beam several times and then my LHS HID would just go off...
  11. kimi

    hi beam bulbs

    any of you guys know what bulb is in the hi beam ? i was going to change them for some whiter ones,but i've never seen a bulb like it before :eek: kimi x