1. jake

    FS: Bits for sale

    Got a couple of bits up for sale that don't fit with the rb on my s15 Abs carbon heat shield £70 Ono Acl racing sr20 crank bearings box is tatty but bearings still not opened from the plastic £80 Also got a spec r s15 gear knob no pitchers and maybe some other bits Really need both of...
  2. Larsz

    Front and rear wheel bearings

    Hi, I am taking apart my suspension for replacing and refurbishing alot of the parts. New front nismo LCA's instead of the adjustable ones, change all the bushes and bolts etc. I am in the process of removing the wheel bearings so no question there. But I want to order new bearings and hubs...
  3. Sparky

    Spec R wheel bearings

    Hi, Does anyone know if S15 Spec R wheel bearings are the same as those on an S14, also best place to get them from ? Thanks, Mark.
  4. E

    Hello from the state of Alabama in the United States!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason and i drive a 93 Nissan 240SX coupe with a 01 S15 Spec R SR20DET swap. If you would like to see pictures of my car, feel free to add me on Facebook. My URL is Im looking forward to browsing this forum and finding a lot of...
  5. justin666

    FS: UNUSED Driftworks Toe Control Arms *Brand new"!!!

    As per title, Brand new unused DW Toe control arms to fit S14/14a/s15. Think these also fit the s13 with the other set of supplied bearings but not 100% so sure someone will clarify. Bought these a while back when I have MASSIVE plans for the S15 but my aspirations for the car since then...
  6. specr

    wheel bearings

    hi lads any one know is there a difference between s14 and s15 wheel bearings thanks
  7. 70YSR

    Front wheel bearings

    hey guys my front wheel bearings are starting to get noisy, i was just wondering if anyone has had to replace them and know what they are worth? I have talked to one shop and they say that its a complete hub you have to buy and it will cost me 700 (australian dollars) for the pair, does this...
  8. D

    Gearbox bearings - question about time and money

    Hi guys Mine box is starting to make noises (probably bearings) - so I am looking for a used gearbox in good condition (in wanted topic), but I also would like to know pirces for rebuilding my current gearbox (changing bearings and other things that will be needed if broken). How much do i need...
  9. D

    WTB: spec r 6spd gearbox

    Hi I am looking for a gearbox in good condition (no noises on bearings). If anybody has one please let me know. Greg.
  10. DeanS15

    rebuilding 6 speed box

    i'm just curious as to whether anyones ever had thier 6 speed box rebuilt in the uk and at what cost/result??? can it be done/can the parts be sourced out??? i know that eventually extra power will get to the gearbox as the weak link, and wanted to get a feel for the options when that happens...
  11. G

    Rear bearing Part No.

    Hi Nicely, Is it possible to replace just the bearings only without the rear hub (with 4 holes)? I know the bearings had to be pumped into the hub using a press machine if I am not wrong. The bearing hub no. 43210-AA100 is this the correct one? Thanks in advance.
  12. S

    FS: Front Wheel Bearings

    Hey all Thinking my bearings were gone (as there was a screeching noise coming from the left wheel) I went and bought replacement hub and bearing assemblies. Went I fit the front left, I noticed that there was still play in the wheel. Turned out to be a loose locking collar on the suspension...
  13. S

    Front Wheel Bearings

    My front left side wheel bearings need replacing as there is some play in the wheel and when i go over bumps, theres a metal scraping sound. Ive just been looking at the manual and i can't figure out which is the wheel bearing assembly from the diagram. Also, if I get a hub puller, is the job...
  14. M

    FS: Red S15 Drift Car for sale

    Right, after lots of pondering and gathering opinion, I've decided to sell the S15. It was an NA auto that has now been converted to turbo 5 speed manual. I'm going to get back into another 180SX or PS13, and will consider PXs up to about ?4k... Don't know if I've missed anything but here's what...
  15. J

    Of Wheel bearings..

    hi guys, Was wondering if other nissan wheel bearings will fit the s15. I think my rear ones need to be replaced. One of the suppliers here quoted-approx. US$200 How much does wheel bearings cost normally? thx in advance. jay