1. B

    Bent fuel rail

    Well I finally got my straight cam conversion fired up. Doesn't run great as the injector rail is bent (prob my fault) 😞 they're so badly seated it chuffs air back through the seals What my options, I need this to work tomorrow / Monday. I have a s15 engine, can I make the rail from that...
  2. Packham

    Bent Valves!

    Wondering if any sr20 wizards could help me out? My car isn't starting, took it to a specialist garage to where it has been before and they found the compression was very low. On further inspection almost all the valves were bent! It used to cough and splutter on full throttle when it was hot...
  3. M

    FS: Super Advan SA3R 8.5x18 et35

    Decided to sell these, been shot blasted and freshly painted gloss black, never had a tyre on since. All the centre caps are there. The centre nuts do need refinished as I never got round to that, need marks buffed out then polished. The medallions and e clips are there too. I have 2 bent angle...
  4. M

    Chassis measurements

    Hey all iv been trying to set up my 15s alignment today but when. I set the castor how i want it,bit pulls the drivers wheel 10mm further forward than the passengers. so what im looking for is a sheet with measurememts on, that i can use to check if the car is bent it doesnt look like it is...
  5. Adam L

    FS: Tomei Poncams

    I no longer need these. They're brand new still in the box and wrapping. They're for the bent cam sr20det, S14 or S15 £350 delivered
  6. M

    bent radiator fins to straighten???

    hey guys just about to purchase a second hand allum rad doesnt leak but has some bent fins. Will it be beneficial for me to spend some time to straighten those bent fins??? Also has some oil stains on the body can i degrease it and blast it with a high pressure gun???cheers
  7. S15_SAM

    Turbo wastegate actuator arm problem, it looks bent!

    Hi guys I took my manifold heatshield off today as it was rattling! And ummm my wastegate actuator arm looks bent and the turbo butterfly swivel arm looks welded onto the housing. It can't be like this right. Here are some pics with crappy phone. I can adjust the boost and it boosts well...
  8. S

    Nicely's Rear brake conversion

    I had a look at Nicely's write up about the conversion on his website and just wondered coupla things. My mate who's done it says that I don't need Z32/S13 parking brake components and backing plate. He said he just bent...