1. H

    strut braces

    anyone know of a front brace that will clear a Z32 BMC?
  2. Larsz

    WTB: Z32 bm50 bmc rhd

    Per title, I am looking for a Z32 BMC, preferably the BM50. The ABS model and reasonably condition. Got one laying around (probably not) message me please!
  3. Krish

    WTB: Z32 BMC lid and plug

    As above guys! Or if anyone knows where I can get them? Cheers
  4. Max

    FS: S15 parts inc Seats

    THREAD CLOSED. Remaining parts will be consolidated into a new thread Spec R Front Seats SOLD S15 BMC £30 (larger cylinder diameter than S14/13. Should be same balance as S14 as same callipers used, replaced in R33 swap) Stock BoV £20 Rad (no shroud) BINNED Blitz air filter SOLD EBC...
  5. Fasthands

    FS: Bm57 BMC,

    As Title, BM57 BMC £45 posted in UK paypal as gift. bought it a while ago thinking I may need it but didn't. [/IMG]
  6. koullis

    300zx brake servo.

    Hi guys, i have D2 8 piston front brakes (same as ksport) with 330mm discs and standard rears. Brake pedal almost go all the way down. I am thinking of installing a BMC from a 300zx. BM57, 1 1/16. Car was a spec-s so the BMC might be smaller than a spec-r. What are the advantages of fitting the...
  7. C

    Z32 bmc

    What difference does fitting a Z32 BMC actually make? At the moment my brakes are really sharp (K-Sport 8 pot fronts and standard rears) and the brake pedal hardly moves when I apply the brakes. I am fitting the K-Sport rear setup very soon too though, hence this question. Would the Z32 BMC...
  8. sliding-r

    FS: S15 Standard Brakes ie. front and rear complete, BMC, Standard lines, Handbrake cable

    Hi, these cam off my old S15 with 30K miles S15 Brake master cylinder BMC - £25 Handbrake cables suit s14/5- £20 s15 Rear calipers and disks £40 collection preferred but postage can be arranged at buyers cost. Paypal fees are to be paid by buyer. Thanks for looking..
  9. sliding-r

    BMC Upgrade Question

    Hi, I have recently acquired some R33 gtr brembos and have refurbed them in red (can upload a pic), they came with ferodo pads already fitted :) i fitted these last night and i may still need to do a little fusther bleeding on them.. managed to pick up some R33 gtst rear brakes pretty cheap...
  10. D

    FS: GTR brembo's.

    GTR brembo's I've still got the rear GTR brembo's i purchased for my car but forgot about after selling. I've got the hand brake mech backplates, goodridge braided lines, Brembo discs and the calipers. Also got an GTR32 BMC that i'll chuck in too. All the above, £280+pnp. Cheers. Dazz'.
  11. raytsang

    350z/z33 brembo conversion.

    guys got hold of a set of brembo brake calipers and disc off a 350z 2006. just need abit more info and confirmation. Fronts. these should fit on straight forward enough.. just need to drill out a hole for a 14mm bolt instead of the normal 12mm the s15 uses. also heard they might need a...
  12. K

    z32 brake conversion

    ok got all the parts for my z32 brake conversion, (thanks nicley for the very informative write up :thumbs: ) however ythe bmc i have from a z32 has 3 brake line outlets? does this mean im fooked and need t :thumbs: find aother or can i simly use this bmc and plug one of the outlets...
  13. Nicely

    Z32 rears brake fitted!

    Finally had all the bits together, so decided this weekend was the one :nod: BEFORE AFTER Small customisation... ;) Fitted the Z32 BMC too to get a better braking ratio for the rears. Not tried them properly yet. Need to get a garage brake bleed down. Still air in the system after...