1. B

    FS: S15 Genuine GPSports GFour Bodykit

    I told myself I'd only ever sell this if a genuine aero kit popped up. Now that it has, I've reluctantly got to let it go. This GP Sports kit came on my car from the motherland and I've only ever seen it on one other car, which was in Ireland. That car was sold in 2011, and I've never seen it...
  2. G

    FS: veilside bodykit

    veilside bodykit 800$ Hi, i'am saling my veilside bodykit. -front bumper -rear bumper -side skirts -spoiler 800$ more photos soon.
  3. armouredsnake

    FS: Genuine T&E vertex lang s15 front canards

    :SOLD: Hi everyone :wave: I have a brand new set of vertex lang canards available for any of you running the Lang kit. Bought them a while ago from japan with the idea of tweaking them to fit a different bumper but have now changed my whole kit and no longer require the canards. Only unpacked...
  4. vinnie

    FS: Genuine Garage Mak full bodykit

    Genuine Garage Mak full rear bumper only now Hey, My super secret bodykit is up for sale. Have a wedding and other few personal things coming up for all my parts and car will be up for sale. The kit took 7 months too make and arrive, all real super rare. Think its the only one in Europe. Only...
  5. N

    Important first mods

    Well as ive put a deposit down on the spec r s15 that torque gt advertised the other day im on the market for a couple of upgrades. The car is pretty much stock apart from nismo suspension and non aero bodykit. Are there any parts that are worth buying first, brakes, coilovers, fmic, aero...
  6. M

    s15 rear spats

    anyone help me identifying if these are oem rear spats or not look a bit funny on the arch side at the bottom or is it just the way the picture is taking??
  7. Nissan_S15

    Poorly maintained UK road cracked my body kit. So annoyed :(

    So once again, the UK roads have taken there toll on my newly fitted body kit and right before the Japshow on Sunday 30th :( The goverment really does need to concentrate on maintining some of these roads, as I swear some of them are getting worse year in year out. The amount of potholes and...
  8. Nissan_S15

    FS: Rare Nissan Silvia S15 Ballistix Body Kit + S15 Fog Lamps - Must See!!!

    Hey everyone, I have the following item up for sale. Looking for £200 or nearest offer!!! Ebay Link: Rare Nissan Silvia S15 Fiber Glass (FRP) Ballistix front & rear bumpers produced by (Bomex) in...
  9. Nissan_S15

    Rare Nissan Silvia S15 Ballistix Body Kit + S15 Fog Lamps - Must See!!!

    Hey everyone, I have the following item up for sale. Looking for £200 or nearest offer!!! Ebay Link: Rare Nissan Silvia S15 Fiber Glass (FRP) Ballistix front & rear bumpers produced by (Bomex) in...
  10. Z

    nismo bodykit replica?

    Hi guys, do anybody know, if it gives a replica of the nismo s15 bodykit? The genuine nismo bodykit is to expensive for me.
  11. T

    FS: Uras Type 4 bodykit

    I have for sale this Uras bodykit consisting of: - Front bumper - Rear bumper - Sideskirts - Front fenders (20mm) Color is lexus starfire pearl. So not the original S15 white pearl. Kit is located in the netherlands, will ship it but need to figure out the costs based on your location. Asking...
  12. A

    FS: Vertex rear bar and Sideskirts for sale- AUD$ 400 for set

    Hello I am selling my Vertex sides kirts and Rear bar which came with the car from Japan. These parts are already painted in Pearl White and do no need fitting as it had obviously come off the car. I am selling these as i now have stock rear bar and sideskirts on the car. Looking to sell these...
  13. P

    What bodykit is this?

    What bodykit is this? i love the sideskirts..
  14. iosifnur

    FS: Geniune C-WEST GT-TYPE wide body kit

    Hi guys, i am planning to sell my c-west wide body kit, i bought it last year but i realized that i have to do a lot of body work and my car is in perfect condition, so it is pitty for me... The bodykit never used , even opened, the parts are unpainted.... Does anyone knows the price of the...
  15. V

    WTB: Looking for S15 Spec R in South East England

    Like the title said i am looking for a Spec R! ~ 60.000mls, prefer (complete) Aero or other Bodykit, price < 10.000 pounds A car located in the area below would be great.
  16. Kōsoku

    WTB: Wide BodyKit for IchiGo

    Good day everyone! Now its time to buy a bodykit for my IchiGo )) I want TopSecret WideBody of Vertex Ridge WideBody kits. If anyone got one full BodyKit of any type please write me a PM. And... If anyone got somebody with the connections with Chinese replicas - please, tell me to. Maybe its...
  17. J

    FS: S15 Bodykit and Front Wings

    BODYKIT IS NOW SOLD!! FRONT WINGS ARE STILL AVAILABLE Hi Guys, After the build of our new drift cars, we have various parts left over that we are looking to sell. Here is a picture of Shane's car with the full bodykit fitted. This is the front bumper. Picture of side skirts...
  18. H

    Can Anybody tell me which bodykit this is?

    I been trying to find this bodykit online but cannot find. I want this bodykit for my car. Very nice indeed yah
  19. B

    S15 body

    Does anyone know what this bodywork is called? The bodykit, quater panel, doors etc.
  20. B

    FS: origin stylish bodykit include front and rearfenders

    wanna sell my originbodykit include the fenders (front 20mm, rear 50mm) complete kit 1100,- only origin bodykit 700,- only fenders 500,- OR OFFERS. parts are located in germany, can send pictures if need. parts are new...