1. Packham

    Boost cut with Apexi avcr

    Evening all. Wondering if anyone has ever had this? My car seems to be cutting out on boost. Put new plugs in and it's now doing it from 4.5k rather than 3k rpm. I have decided to set my boost controller to off and it's boosting fine up to just above 0.5 bar with no boost cuts. Could it be...
  2. T

    Not boosting then thumping sound from block

    Hey guys I'm a new S15 owner and I just serviced it 2 weeks ago. Did spark plugs and spaced them. Then I encountered a problem with it not boosting and a weird sound in the engine bay. Sounded like it was coming from the top of the dump pipe. We took the old gasket out and re sealed it. It seems...
  3. JaseYpk

    Car 'Hesitant' & 'loss of power' & not boosting above 0.5

    Ok so i've had this issue a little while but its getting progressively worse in terms of boost pressure.. Basically i'l be driving along, accelerating SLOWLY (less than 0 bar boost) and the car will feel like someone is pressing on the brake. But then as soon as i slam my foot to the ground, it...
  4. J

    is this the right actuator?

    hi, been told mine is playing up. i put it on the dyno at a car show it only pushed 236bhp and 220torque and boosting at 0.6bar :( was mapped at close to 300bhp and 327torque boosting 1.3bar, ive been told on its not a leak according to the graph but it might be the actuator. is this the...
  5. J

    boosting issues?

    hi, i brough the car about a month ago and its been boosting at 0.5bar, since ive been browsing the forum ive fount out it used to run at 1.3bar? what kinda thing do you think would cause this? thanks
  6. C

    Boosting issue - advice needed

    Hi all, Need your advice where posible - driving home tonight took a look up at my boost gauge whilst planting my foot and saw that it was only boosting to .7bar (was mapped to 1.2 and the boost controller is set to 1.3bar) so I hit record on the defi setup and foot to the floor through second...
  7. S

    boost issue!!

    hi guys, ive had my car on the road for just over a week now!! the car is great but it doesnt seem like its boosting right! it revs right through the rev range but its only hitting 0.5 bar on the guage, and i can feel the car, sort of hesitating. it did boost at 0.7 bar for a few days but was a...
  8. W

    boosting issue? feels like im hitting a brick wall!

    Hi guys as some of you may know my car has had a few running issues from the moment it came into the country, and ive actually done 63miles in it within the last 6 months, as the respray and prep took a little longer. But anyway im now ready to get the boosting issues sorted but need to know...
  9. sniffy

    boost problem

    i was at a rolling road day yesterday and may car was only boosting at .5 it wont boost any more and at about 5500rpm the boost seems to drop to .4 and stay there to redline where it then spikes to about .8. has this happendend to anyone else ? i checked for boost leeks cant find any it still...
  10. B

    need some advice please

    i picked my s15 up saturday and its got a 3" cat back system, and as far as i know thats it and its boosting 0.9 bar, just wanted to check that this is ok. as i know the standard boost should be about 0.55 bar. and because its boosting 0.9 bar should i fit an uprated fuel pump sharpish? i...