1. U

    Best cams for na sr20

    Got an s15 spec s with a five speed tranny wondering what cams would work best for the motor. Not looking at a huge boost because I know the na sr doesn't produce a lot of power as na but still would like better than stock. Any idea? Also wanting to keep the stock spring for now don know to much...
  2. pegliobaglio

    replica aero

    I am sure afew people will be interested in this so thought I would post a link . I think its a bout time someone did this as the plastic bumpers are ridiculously priced now
  3. 0

    Newbie from sydney australia

    Sup ppl :wave: was in the market for an s15 for 6 months i finally picked up my ride 2 days ago n havnt looked back since puts a smile on my face everytime i drive it :D. Its a base model 2002 spec s. Not much done to it, but i have a few mods im thinking bout doin in the near future. Hope ill...
  4. crazymat666

    boost strange readings

    i noticed today im boosting 7-8 psi standard boost but past 6000rpm it raises to 9-10psi why is this? is it because of the vvti? talkin bout vvti when does that kick in at wot rpm jst wondered as i had a integra type r dc2 b4.
  5. J


    hi all just joined and wanted to say hello. :p i have to confess im not actually a s15 owner YET!! in the process of purchasing one but im being very fussy and wanted to know can any of u recommend any sites or things i need to know bout buying one!! living in Ireland but wud really...
  6. S

    WTB: Info on S15 Type R

    Looking to buy or import a Type r in the near future can anyone tell me anything id need to no bout them thanks!
  7. subzero

    Quest on Rocker Stoppers ?

    just wondering , ive seen these for sale and lads talking bout installing these.... so whats the crack with em ?? bring the info brainiacs !!
  8. sands

    not so new newbie irl

    hi everyone, not so new newbie hear richard from co kilkenny ireland. s15 sper r owner since last may bout the last time i had any money to cant stop myself buying for the car since got it. on hear since bout april mostly just searching and reading up on anything needed to know dunno what...
  9. japmadlad

    I need some importing advice please (Northern Ireland)

    I am in N.Ireland and have been looking at jap imports for a while now. just sold my civic coupe and am stuck in a crappy frog xsara till i get it sorted. Anyway I'm looking at a 2002 s15 spec s ( I know its not a spec r but can't yet afford 1 ). An importer in dublin has the car and as i'm...
  10. G

    Something dodgy here?

    Hey lads, just came across this S15 for sale. in ireland a 01 spec s would set you back bout 16-17k. so whats going on with this car?
  11. sniffy

    intercooler question ?

    quick question i seen this intercooler on ebay i was wondering would it be ok for my S15 i wont be going mad on bhp probally just tuning it to bout...
  12. Robbyp

    JAE & Gatebil!!!!

    Hey guys thinking of going over to JAE this year never been over any o u guys recommend it? Also what bout gatebil any of u going to it or got any dates of it?!cant find the post that was here bout it!
  13. A

    Adison's Spec R

    Hi guys i just recently join this forum and what do ya think bout my s15. :)
  14. X

    Hi I'm New Too!

    Hi I'm Daniel, and I just joined today. I've always loved the S15... it has been my dream car for many years now and I'd love to own an authentic one some day. Unfortunately, its kind of hard to own one considering I live in California; nonetheless, not everything is impossible if you have the...