1. LuPix_S15

    FS: Tein Strut Brace - MINT!!

    Hi guys, Got a Tein strut brace for sale. Only bought a few months back from Driftworks. RRP £135. Mint condition!! Only asking for £100 (inc UK delivery) :thumbs: Don't miss out on this!! Cheers, James
  2. T

    WTB: Nismo Power Brace II

    As per title am after a Nismo power brace II. If non of you members have one to sell me what can you traders do? Cheers Alan
  3. J

    My S15 spec s

    Here is a few pics of my spec s, the big wheels are gone and im gone back to the original standard Nissan ones. I'm also after changing the suspension to nismo s tune struts. Next on the list is a strut brace and a 2 way or a 1.5 diff. Thats about it really, all input welcome :D
  4. DeviouS15

    Spec R Owner from New Zealand!!!

    Hi everybody, recently got a 1999 Spec R Silvia... or 200SX if going by the badge on the back! When i got it a couple months ago its was pretty stock except for a full 3 1/2 inch exhaust system and a large front mount intercooler... it even had the factory wheels. Since then ive done a few minor...
  5. LuPix_S15

    SMALL but WORTHY modifications??

    Hi guys, I've come across a few things for sale on DB Power that I've not seen before and wondered if these are worth the money? Ok it's not expensive items but as a principle (apart from asthetic stuff), I'm not in the habit of modding for modding's sake lol... I wanna make sure these...
  6. - 0h -

    would Factory Spec R boot brace bolt into Spec S body?

    hi, I'm just wondering whether the Spec R factory boot brace would bolt into my Spec S body? I went to look at my boot but i couldn't see any spot where i could put the brace on? thanks Oh
  7. D

    S15 Update

    Hello everyone, it's a been a while since I posted the pics of my s15 the day I picked it up so I thought it was about time for an update. What I've got my grubby mits on already: 18" works emotion wheels (thanks Jez) Tomei Expreme Manifold and turbo elbow Blitz Downpipe and Nur Spec R...
  8. Curryzz

    Need ideas on how to anchor my harnesses!

    Just need some ideas on how people have done there harnesses, my car is now stipped in the back and me and my girlfriend have spent six hours trying to remove the sticky insualtion crap:down: anyway im nearly there with that so il finish it during the week, but i need to fit ither a stut brace...
  9. P

    I want between 300 and 350 bhp and dont know where to start

    I HAVE JUST PURCHASED AN S15 AND I ALREADY WANT MORE POWER I HAD AN S14 PUSHING OVER 300BHP AND REALLY WANT THAT POWER AGAIN .The s15 already has some brilliant modifications but they are mostly suspension mods. The spec is listed below and i hope to get some pictures up tomorrow. spec: white...
  10. D

    WTB: Clutch pipe + rear subframe mount brace

    Hello I am looking for 2 parts, photos included: rear subframe mount brace clutch assy pipe??? I dont really know whats this part called. Anyway - If anybody has this parts please let me know. Thank you.
  11. J

    FS: Sabelt harness and s15 rear strut brace

    as above harness 50e strut brace 60e 0860535246
  12. G

    chasiss brace

    any one tried this out before?
  13. J

    FS: Silvia/180 parts

    This is whats left; 18" m2 hanbai wheels with 4 new tyers 1200e Brand new red bride brix 2 seat 400e Opm deep dish steering wheel and boss 100e- SOLD 180sx front strut brace 80e 180sx boot stryt brace 80e 180sx parcel shelf 30 cheers jonny 0860535246.
  14. richy200

    FS: nismo strut brace fits s14/14a/15

    Hi guys trying to recoup as much money as humanly possible atm so going to sell my strut brace as it's not an essential part of my car at present The strut brace is not bent in anyway othe rthan how the manufactor intended it to be ;) the lacker has peeled off the brace in a few places which...
  15. Big Ned

    Tein or Cusco Strut brace

    Hi there. I'm thinking of getting a front strut brace for my S15, with plans to get a rear at a later date. I was just wondering which one it better, as they're both about £100. Plus, as far as rear strut braces go, which ones run underneath the parcel shelf? I don't fancy it sticking out the...
  16. S

    Back at last!

    Well here it is, have been meaning to ge some pics up for a while now, but complication after complication has meant that it has been away since july! Hope you guys like! This is hopefully what it will look like once I've had my photo shoot with Fastcar Magazine in Jan (NO funny comments...
  17. L

    Fitting the rear strut brace (need a clue)

    I bought a cusco rear strut brace recently.I was trying to fitted it today but seems after I tear up the carpet... I have no idea about how to remove the speakers tray. Anyone got a clue please
  18. raytsang

    Struct Brace

    Guys my front struct brace in. was wondering is it better to mount it ontop of the braces that are already over the suspension or should i dump them altogether.?
  19. Nicely

    Spec R chassis bracing

    I thought I'd post this over here, as it was particularly interesting. Courtesy of Phil Morrison of Driftworks, who is is preparing an S15 for next year's drift season.