1. H

    strut braces

    anyone know of a front brace that will clear a Z32 BMC?
  2. K

    FS: Z32, HKS boost controller , strut brace, fuel pump, 555cc injectors and more!

    I'm not 100% sure on prices so do correct me if I'm way out! 4. Brand new Rear Strut brace and used front chassis brace powder coated white £70 delivered. 5.A Electronic butterfly valve kit on a flange that fits inbetween 2 exhaust flanges to be able to silence the car whist driving £70...
  3. B

    WTB: Oem rear bumper, side skirts, front wings and aero spats, harness brace

    after a oem rear bumper preferably blue but doesn't matter also oem side skirts rear aero spats front wings. Aftermarket or oem and a harness brace!
  4. Parky

    FS: Parts left off my 15 for sale

    Prices don't include postage. Paypal or bank transfer, split paypal fees 50/50 as always to keep things fair. Custom made C-Pillar brace - £90 Nardi 330mm Deep Corn steering wheel, black leather, silver spokes, excellent condition, with horn button £150 Raid quick release boss, good solid...
  5. W

    FS: Whiteline arb, hid headlight, hks, greddy,apexi

    Brand new front adjustable whiteline arb, few marks from being in the shed and whiteline sticker is starting to peel. £80 posted Spec r subframe brace, has some surface rust but over all tidy. £45 posted
  6. T

    WTB: Aero side skirts, rear strut brace, arb's

    Hi, I'm after some aero side skirts, NISMO rear strut brace and nismo arb's front and rear. Would also be interested in nismo lower arms, front and rear and a nismo power brace.
  7. 5

    FS: S14/S15 Tein Rear Strut Brace
  8. paddyb01

    C pillar brace for a s15?

    seen loads for 14s with them, any one seen one in a s15?
  9. P

    WTB: WTB oem spec r brace and rear valence

    I need all oem brace from spec R for my spec S, and a set of rear valence. Need to be ship to Canada. Boot Brace (trunk) Boot corner braces (trunk) Rear Subframe brace Roof Brace Lower Pillar braces Upper Pillar braces Thx Patrick
  10. P

    FS: WTB oem spec r brace and rear valence

    close thread Delete pls
  11. M

    Anyone help me with this strut brace?

    Trying to figure out where this strut brace fits in the rear of the car I baught it replaced the oem strut in the boot but after looking at it again it doesn't?? Does it go across in front of the spare wheel well where I see more oem bracing where there is a step up onto where the fuel tank is...
  12. Jordan

    FS: x2 Cusco Strut braces

    For sale I have x2 Cusco strut braces. One set of end plates has been sprayed black, the other coated in manly pink powder coat. If someone wants one set of end plates on the other brace then just let me know. Metal brace: £80 Delivered Carbon Brace: £100 delivered
  13. Jordan

    Front strut brace or no front strut brace?

    Can't seem to find a lot of info on this so here goes: I noticed some of you guys have them, some don't run them. Any reason/ preference for this? I personally think the bay looks cleaner without aesthetically, and was toying with the idea of removing mine altogether. Short of removing it and...
  14. N

    FS: HKS metal flow filter, oem s15 spec R boot brace , s15 spec R spoiler

    oem boot brace removed from a s15 spec R 50 pounds ono HKS metal flow filter 30 pounds s15 spec R spoiler , very good condition, few paint chips on the paint but easily touched up 120 pounds ono all can be sent by courier at buyers cost...
  15. W

    Will's S15

    My S Engine: SR20DET GruppeM Carbon Intake with K&N Pod Filter 3" XForce Exhaust system all the way through Garage Defend Replica Air Diverser Suspension/Brakes: BC Racing Coilovers BR Series RDA Slotted Rotors Front and Rear QFM Performance Brake Pads Nismo Front Strut Brace Cusco Rear Strut...
  16. lvaleiron

    lvaleiron's "Reborn" Fire Red S15

    Hey guys! It's about time i post my ride... i've been a member of the forum for a while now, so here it goes! 1999 Spec S with all the Spec R bracings and HID front lights (maybe autech version, dunno:confused:) Originally Pewter Grey Body: Chargespeed Type 2 Front Bumper 57" GT Carbon Fiber...
  17. dave_t

    Ever Seen This Brace?

    Anyone ever seen these braces that fit behind the rear seats? pictured on a Jdm S14 - Never seen it before!
  18. Tony

    WTB: searching for. S15. Front Low Chassis Bar Brace..?

    Hi guys.. Im looking for a Front Low Chassis Bar Brace .. My car had It but I saw that somebody took it of when the car was sold to me.. So If anyone has got one up for sale I'm interested!! Pic. Best regards: Tony M
  19. spoonman

    JDM Spec R Body Bracing info compared to JDM Spec S

    These are the differences between the two with body bracing and there may be more that i dont know about Boot Brace (rear of boot) --- wont bolt onto Spec S, but can be made to fit Boot corner braces (front of boot) --- wont bolt onto Spec S, but can be made to fit Rear Subframe brace --- will...
  20. L

    FS: Cusco Carbon Fiber rear strut brace

    As title chaps, i have this excellent item up for grabs. Cusco Racing carbon fibre strut brace. I bought this off a friend as an impulse buy as it looked so good. However it's been sat in the house for a month doing nothing. As you'll see from the pics, it is in virtually new condition and you...