1. W

    986 Calipers swap

    Hi all, I’ve got a set of 986 Boxster S Brembo calipers and was wondering if anyone has ever put them on their S15? I have seen some Renault Megane brembo swaps so didn’t know if boxster would be similar. Any help/ advice or point towards the right adaptors would be great! Cheers :)
  2. A

    FS: Blitz techno speed z1

    I have a set of blitz techno speed z1 wheels for swap at the minute as it haven't any replacements. Fronts are 18x9 (told et18 but need 15/20 spacers to clear brembos so guessing there probably 38. Rears are 18x10 et20 and fit with no spacer. Tyres have plenty life in them 225fronts and 255...
  3. T

    Custom brake set-up

    So, over the years, my car has had a few brake packages. I started off with stock calipers and discs, then upgraded to z32 aluminium calipers with the Apex 310mm bell and rotor kit, and then up until today was running r33 GTR Brembos with GTR discs. Unfortunately the R33 GTR calipers i was...
  4. J


    Where would I be able to get oem brake discs? Also, In the future thinking about getting the Ksport - 330mm front upgrade (or the R33 Brembo's), what would people recommend putting on the rears? Any direct replacements?
  5. powizzle


    Hey guys, I've come across a front pair of R33 GTR brembo's. Just wanted to ask, on their own, are the front pair a worthwhile upgrade? Is it necessary for me to upgrade the rear to brembo's as well. Or am I able to use GTST brakes or something similar? Also.. what's involved in upgrading...
  6. I

    350Z brembos on R33 hubs rear

    can i fit 350Z brembos on R33 Rear hubs?
  7. I

    What TE37's fit over R34 GTR brembos?

    Fitting a set of R34 GTR brembos on my S15 just wana know what TE37 offsets fit wheel of chose is 17 x 7.5 +30 front 17 x 8.5 +30 rear will these fit with no problem and also will these fit under my gards with a 45 profile
  8. N

    Do 350z brembos fit s15

    I just bought a full set of brembos from a 350z, does anyone no if these fit straight on? And if so what size of discs and what do I ask for, 350?s15?etc, and do the rear calipers fit on or is it too much hassle, any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. D

    FS: GTR brembo's.

    GTR brembo's I've still got the rear GTR brembo's i purchased for my car but forgot about after selling. I've got the hand brake mech backplates, goodridge braided lines, Brembo discs and the calipers. Also got an GTR32 BMC that i'll chuck in too. All the above, £280+pnp. Cheers. Dazz'.
  10. mint

    350z Rear Brembo's.

    Will these fit? If not .. whats required? ta :wave:
  11. D


    Right, i've got R33 brembo's to go on my Silv'.... And... i've got an R32 GTR BMC.... What i wanna know is, are these and the z32 ones the same? or, if not, will it still do the same job and improve things?