1. K

    S15 spec r

    Hey people I've spec r running 400 brake have it also 2 years being building away at it when the bank account let me
  2. K

    FS: S15 Parts

    Keeping hold for now due to building another s chassis project.
  3. I

    WTB: S15 standard bonnet

    Hi , I'm looking for a standard bonnet for a friend who's building a S14.5
  4. J

    New from the states

    just wanted to say hi guys.... I am currently an owner of and S13 that i am building but looking to get into an S15 here soon... i will keep you posted
  5. Robbyp

    How good are these gt2871r

    Have been talking to a guy who has offered me a 2nd hand one complete with upgraded mani, turbo elbow and a new unused screamer pipe.He bought the stuff new and used them on a drift car on had three outings and he's now for building and engine with a bigger turbo again cause he's getting his EDC...
  6. J

    S15 Spec R Drift Car build

    Hello :wave: I just thought I would post a few pics of my Uncles S15 that he is building as a drift car,I will try to get a few more tonight as it is nearly finished,its taken a while:annoyed: Jamie