1. F

    Yet another insurance thread

    Hey everyone, another insurance related question here. I'm 19 and currently have a bmw m140i, renewal coming up at the end of august where I should hopefully have my 2 years no claims. I have had this car for a few months and while it's great fun, I've wanted an S15 for years with the only...
  2. Z

    WTB: Where can i find some of these connectors?

    Hi all! Looking to purchase a few of the connectors that connect the tail lights to the loom in the boot. Anyways. I was hoping someone might be able to guide me to a business that produces them, or somewhere where i can just get the bare connectors, and then wire in my wires myself. only...
  3. JDM_virgin

    Auxillary belt kits

    Best places and brands to buy? Or just go with OEM?
  4. bradley886

    WTB: spec R diff

    Hi, Looking to buy a spec r diff if any available 😊😊
  5. bradley886

    WTB: Front left headlight

    Looking to buy a passenger side headlight if anybody has or knows of one for sale. Only really need the dark grey painted inner but willing to buy the full light.
  6. K

    FS: S15 LHD Spec R

    Hey Guys im going to sell my 1999 Spec R S15 LHD Nissan Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R LHD als Sportwagen/Coupe in Bremerhaven If any one is Interested to buy it here my whatsapp number +4917634384222
  7. M

    WTB: 50/50 Tail lights

    as above looking a good set of 50/50 lights, thought id try here before i buy new thanks
  8. JDM_virgin

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    as above if anyone has swapped theirs out for bigger ones. ideally would like to buy just a couple
  9. Saxon

    Plastic Door Trim

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this would be better posted in the "Wanted to Buy" bit, but I'm after this piece of door trim as the one on mine is broken. Any ideas where I could get one, or whether anyone happens to have a spare door card lying around with one on it I could buy? There was someone...
  10. R

    Where have all the plug covers gone?

    Iv noticed most sr20 engines have no sparkplug cover installed.. I assume it's to do with heat around the coilpacks ? and would a tomei plug cover be a good thing to buy? :juggle: i really dislike the look of the engine without a plug cover, it looks a bit cheap and untidy.:ohwell:
  11. J

    WTB: Drivers side wind deflector

    Hey all, Some **** broke my drivers side wind deflector. Does anyone have one I can buy off them? Cheers Jay
  12. A

    WTB: Wanted. Drivers side oem wind deflector

    Hi guys as above mine broke today. Does anyone have an oem I can purchase? If not I will buy from RHD, unless anyone has a better source? Thanks Alan
  13. K

    S15 exhaust

    Hey guys, ive just bought a completely stock 15 and im looking to chuck an exhaust on it, This may seem like a stupid question but if i buy a 3" bolt on cat back will it bolt straight onto the stock cat? Just dont wanna buy the exhaust if it wont, Cheers [emoji1417] Sent from my iPhone using...
  14. H

    WTB: Apexi intake kit

    Anyone got an apexi I take kit for the spec r? Or know the best place to buy one in the UK? Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  15. D

    WTB: Wanted S15 Bonnet

    As per title Wanted s15 bonnet ideally - Pewter - Carbon But would consider anything, but please understand I am going to have to pay £200 to have a bonnet in another colour painted, I can buy a carbon bonnet new for £500 so I won't be paying £200+ for a bonnet I need to paint.
  16. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Where to buy carbon bonnets?

    Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a carbon bonnet? I want an OEM style one, which seems to be the challenge, as all the ones I have come across have massive daft vents in them! Any links/info greatly appreciated :)
  17. Chriscooke

    What fmic and where to buy

    I'm looking for a new fmic and fed up with looking at poor fitting crap. I'm tempted to go down the Greddy/hks route as I've heard the quality and fit is good. I I know you guys tend to buy quality parts but where do you get them from? So far I've checked rhd Japan and frsport as I've used...
  18. S

    WTB: Rear over fenders...

    I'm looking for a pair of rear over fenders for my s15. The wider the better!!! If anybody has a pair for sale let me know... Or alternatively if anybody knows of anywhere good to buy from new then let me know also 👍 Cheers.
  19. Lil SpecR

    How to choose an importer?

    OK so being in the Midlands I'm not exactly near any docks so I'm not biased on where the importers are, but I've been following OPJP and Torque GT on Facebook for quite a while and so now I'm actively looking I've emailed both of these to get the low down on costs for improving an S15. There...
  20. N80Jamie

    WTB: Cusco Front Strut Top Mounts

    Probably a long shot but worth a try before i have to buy new. Thanks.