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    Toyota Levin BZR

    jus wonderin lads, is ireland the only country thats infested with the levin Bzr? i was considering getting one of these a year ago but they are almost as common as fiesta's in ireland! bears a slight resemblance to the S15 tho. are there many of these in the uk?
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    Adam's old AE111 Levin BZR

    Hi lads,,a few were looking for photos of my old AE111 Levin BZR, well here ye go,,have a few nicer ones jst have to transfer them first,will get them up soon as i can,,What ye think? Full Bomex kit,including front bumper,sideskirts,,and rear splitters,clear indicators,BZR rear spoiler,lowered...
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    spec s performance

    hey lads, im looking at getting a spec s and just wondering performance-wise what other cars would be close to her on power? i know the spec s pushes out around 165bhp but would it be faster than a celica gt because of the weight difference? and also a levin bzr? it would be a shame if the spec...