1. S

    Battery Relocation, how to...

    I'm looking for a 'how to' guide to help me relocate my battery to the boot. I've had a look through the useful threads section and can't find anything there. I just need a rough guide so I know which wires need to go where. Also, I could do with some advice on which cables to buy (what guage)...
  2. Jay-pan

    Cable identify

    Just fully removed ABS from the car and tidying up all the loom. One of the cables that goes from the ABS metal block in the engine bay leads to the front passenger headlightand is plugged into a plug behind the radiator expansion bottle. what does this do? There's only one small blue/black...
  3. J

    FS: Skyline r33 brembo rear brake set up

    as above :) the set up includes discs, calipers, pads, shoes, backplates and skyline handbrake cables. perfect upgrade for s14, s15 etc.... £300 for the lot. thanks
  4. N80Jamie

    WTB: Spiral cable (cables behind the steering wheel)

    Fairly certain mine is shot as my horn doesn't want to work and I can't get my airbag light to clear. Here is a picture of what I think I'm after ha! The black circular unit with the 2 cables coming out of if. Thanks!
  5. S

    FS: Garage clearout......Everything must go.......

    Cleaning out the garage and need to sell off my spares to free up some space. All prices are excluding shipping. S15 Spec S (?) stock front brakes. Includes calipers, disks, pads (they will need replacing) and handbrake cables. Willing to split the lot, just pm me with what you want and an...
  6. JaseYpk

    Vibe Fastplug connector

    Allows quick removal of an amplifier without undoing cables and making mess. Auction starts at 99p! :)
  7. s15wideass

    S14 hand brake cables same as s15

    As above, does anyone know if s14 hand brake cables are the same as s15 ones?? or if there is a stronger alternitive..
  8. Sideways Simon....

    R33 hanbrake cables part number ....

    Can someone please give me the nissan and blueprint part numbers for r33 hanbrake cables please.... Thanks:thumbs:
  9. Sideways Simon....

    R33 rear brakes- Which handbrake cable do i need??

    As above, just picked a complete rear brake setup of an r33 today.... discs,callipers,and the complete hubs with all the handbrake mechanism.. What handbrake cables do i need to use this on my s15?? will r33 cables do or do i need cables of a 300zx???? And also does anybody have the...
  10. paddyb01

    s15 hand brake cables

    well lads does anyone know if s14s have the same hand brake cables? or does anyone have one for sale i need the drivers side?:thumbs:
  11. S

    Ecu question

    Im removing the hks piggyback ecu from my silvia, and gonna switch to powerfc djetro. I removed the hks ecu etc.. But then i saw a little black box on the original ecu, sharing the same cable as the original ecu (one big pile of small cable's splitting into two groups and into the two boxes)...
  12. F

    boost gauge??

    hello can somebody take a picture on the cables to conect the new cables into the old boost gauge cables?? its 4 cables red black white orange but do not no where to put them? thanks
  13. DeanS15

    battery cabling identification

    hey people, im going to be turning my battery around soon when i fit the fmic, the terminals are opposite to the standard ones so ill have to do something with the standard wiring as it wont reach. what i need to know is what the largest of the cables on the positive terminal goes to. im...
  14. S

    Sound deadening material underneath rear seat

    Anybody who has amp may know what I am talking about. If your amp is at the back, you need to run cables to the back. where the cables sit at the bottom of back seat and on top of sound deadening material, you will find some of black molten stuff on the cables. I assume these are melted by...