1. D

    Which ECU to buy ?

    Hey guys im new to this forum, iv owned my s15 spec R less than 2 weeks and its got a few cheeky mods on it. such as GT2871- R turbo,740cc injectors,FMIC ,tein coilovers, turbo back exhaust,custom tubular manifold, hks mushroom ect... The thing is that when i get to a set of lights the oil...
  2. Mike

    Any Mountain Bikers about?!

    Recently got back into my biking and bought a new bike other month! Been loving it and perfect compromise between exercise, fun and shedding the beer belly! I bought this for mine other day and wanted to show everyone as very impressed with it. As mudguards are generally for the pansies amongst...
  3. W

    WTB: defi sandwich plate

    Hi guys ive just recently bought defi black face oil temp guage defi black face water temp guage defi black face boost guage and the defi control box But i dont seem to have any wiring for the controller to be wired to the ecu? Also what sensors do i need for these? And also need the sandwich...
  4. sliding-r

    Misfire but now working again

    yesterday my car randomly started mis-firing and only running on three and made car shake. i could smell fuel inside the car. called the AA and waited for 2 1/2 hours and decided to try and start it again, and strangely it was absoluty fine again. so i decided to leave and called the AA off...
  5. D

    What is that part called???

    Hi everybody Recently I had a stupid collision with parking post. problem is there was some concrete which damaged rear boot floor and some kind of stabilizer (or anti roll bar - you can see it on my photo). And my question is - what is that part called (maybe you could also provide me a part...
  6. B

    S15 body

    Does anyone know what this bodywork is called? The bodykit, quater panel, doors etc.
  7. N

    What wheels Look best?

    Hey guys... just got some wheels edited onto my care let me know what ones u think look best and any advice if and where i can get these wheels.. they are called Rota Grid 19inch Check out all the pics on the page.
  8. C

    FS: 'Duraflex' Aero front bumpers (group buy)

    Right then, looks like its time for another groupbuy as the last one went so well, all be it stressful! I've been talking to a guy at a company called 'Extreme Dimensions' in America regarding some Aero replica bumpers they do. Their made of a material called 'Duraflex', which from what I...
  9. 2


    Guys whats the little black plug on the spec R ecu that controls the ABS called? Any one know where i can get one?
  10. meddler

    Modify my car

    I stumbled across this website It is the only website I have found where you can change the colour of your car, the wheels and the ride height that has an S15. Most US sites only have the S14 or 240sx as it is called. This will give you a good...
  11. N

    what is this company like

    hey all i posted this on sxoc and they told me to come here for advice i am currently on a search for an s15 spotted a few but seen a real nice one with this company. They are called jap angels ( i was wondering has anyone delt with this company or know any info of them. your...
  12. R

    The swedes are taking over!

    Hehe or perhaps not but wouldn't be too bad, ah well enough of the world domination talk ;) The name's Erik Rausner and I live in the southwest of Sweden in a town called Helsingborg which could be called Swedens LA (but without most of the hoodlums (we have some :P)) I've always liked the...
  13. B

    Gobsmacked !!

    Couldn't believe this so had to post it. Had the dreaded intermittant mis-fire the other day - classic coil pack issue (been here before). Out of curiosity, went to my local Nissan (Mumfords, Valley Road, Plymouth)dealer to see if / when / how much to get a coil pack from Nissan. A quick search...
  14. A

    Pictures from Norwegian Car festival called Gatebil!

    Here is som pictures from this weekend... I was at a car show called Gatebil at Rudskogen racetrack. it's scandinavia's biggest meet i think? Lots of plastic & Silicone ;) Teaser pics:
  15. sushiming

    Short shifter whats good??

    hey guys i've really been thinking about a short shifter as I was in my mates R33 GTR and its had a short shifter init but not sue what and man it feels good nice a stiff and it does what its called really short.... can anyone point me in the direction of which one i should look out for and are...