1. J

    FS: Japspeed Toe/Camber arms S14/15

    I'm selling a set of Japspeed camber arms and super low toe rods. Both have been fitted to my car approximately 4 months, so they're in good condition and in the original boxes. One of the bolts for the camber arms sheared when I took them off the car but everything else is there. Sold
  2. N

    Wheel alignment help

    Hey guys I just straighten my rear wheels to 0 camber. I also got a wheel alignment but the problem is after 2 days my right rear wheel camber went into negative camber by itself and my wheel alignment is off. Any thoughts my car is lowered around a inch. Got new tie rods and caster rods installed.
  3. Sandor_

    Alignment parts

    Might was answered before, but couldnt find the right thread. So I m looking to lower the car by around 25mm . What alignment arms are a must have? The coilover going to be driftworks cs2 so it has caster and camber adjustment up front. The car is used for street\daily\sometimes fast road. Can...
  4. Moriquendi

    Top mounts/Adjustable camber plates

    I am looking for some adjustable camber plates up front for my S15 and the only ones i have found so far are these from tein: and the optional uniball top mounts for the KW Clubsport kit. Since i have KW variant 3 atm i was wondering if anyone has...
  5. S15_SAM

    FS: S15 Parts forsale, Injectors 480cc, Inlet gaskets, turbo gasket

    Having a small clear out Forsale S15 turbo 480cc injectors cleaned and flow tested and never used since.(Bought as spares) New top and bottom Orings, in great condition. With pintles all good! £125 posted Genuine Nissan gaskets both top and bottom inlet manifold gaskets, iacv gasket...
  6. L

    Ikeya formula camber arms??

    Hi guys, I've just put an order in through nengun and they've asked to specify negative or positive rear camber arms?? I plan on lowering the car more and want to keep to a fast road alignment so I'm thinking I need positive arms?? This will dial out the negative camber caused by lowering...
  7. tooley

    S Body Alignment Thread

    Thought we should start an alignment thread. All be it for Daily to Drift to Racing etc. Thought it would be good to see what people have used / tried. Drift Alignments Measurements are in degrees' and minutes" (not . of a degree!) For example - 1'30" is ONE DEGREE AND 30 MINUTES, NOT one...
  8. S

    WTB: Camber, Control, and Toe arm NEEDED!

    Hey looking for an s15 camber arm, control arm and toe arm for the left rear side. Or both. NZ
  9. I

    FS: Eibach camber bolts

    Selling 2 pairs of Eibach camber bolts, brand new never fitted or taken out of their bags, M12 size so S14 fitment (and i reckon S15 too since the coilovers swap over), adjustment range +- 1.75°. £16 posted to UK/Europe for each pair
  10. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Japspeed S15 rear adjustable Camber Arms *Group Buy*

    I am starting a group buy for S15 adjustable rear camber arms. we need a MINIMUM of 5 people. these retail at £125. if we get 5 people for these they can be got for £100, cheap for a set of rear camber arms. this INCLUDES shipping to Republic of Ireland & UK from my door. Please place...
  11. Jaydej

    Rear camber bolts?

    I've been looking around and can only find fronts is there such thing as camber bolt for the rear or do the fronts work on the rear? i could get arms but for what I want the bolts will be the best option for me
  12. JDM_virgin

    black s15 at SCS tyres in dartford

    As in title, my friend saw it whilst getting his tracking done. Slammed to the floor with about 10 degrees of camber haha
  13. D

    New Irish Member, Zenki S14 Owner

    Hi all, Hows things. The names Rory from Donegal, Ireland. I have an ongoing Zenki jdm s14 dailydriver / project going on the last while....A few of you probably know me already but thought I'd say hello anyway! I'll let the pics do the talking Here's a pic of how the car looked the day I...
  14. Krish


    Right chaps. I've just changed to s tunes on the 15. No other arms etc have been changed. I've got the whiteline settings I used previously but the local garage want to know what I need adjusting. Will I need camber, toe and caster? Sorry for the stupid question. Just don't want to take it...
  15. R

    WTB: Adjustable camber and toe arms

    As title please Sooner rather than later 07817028470
  16. S

    18x10j +12 offset

    How much work would be needed to run these on the rear of an s15 stock arches, wanting to know what sort of camber would need to be ran. Thanks in advance!
  17. spoonman

    Fix idea for high speed tracking

    Can i please have your ideas for high speed tracking. I have had to put my car back up to its certified ride height, dam NZ certs. I realigned it to suit whiteline touring setting, as i did not want to camber wear tires too much. (front : camber -1.0 / caster +7.5 / toe 0.0 rear : -1.2 /...
  18. P

    Open Event: RWYB santa pod Sun 19th Feb

    Just wanted to post that I am taking my Spec-R down the strip at Santa Pod, to see what she will do, in case any other S15's are there from this forum or fancy going along. Engine is standard as far as I know. Has got stiffer cusco coilovers (which I realise won't help), is lowered with a...
  19. L

    A couple of suspension questions on camber and damper

    Been searching around the net and various forums but I've given up and figured I'd just ask :p I've got CS2 coilovers and rear camber arms on the S15. There's other bits too but I just wanna ask about camber and damper.. The car had all this already when I bought it so I havn't adjusted...
  20. J

    Japspeed Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hey S15OC :D We've Just got back in to stock our Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms Adjustable rear lower arm kit. These lower arms are designed as a direct replacement for the standard units. Adjustable for track so you can either run a huge amount of camber or adjust both the lower...