1. Jay

    Jay's black spec r

    just a couple of pics, fitted new wheels and coilovers and naturaly felt the need to get the camera out! and finally snaps of how it looked a fortnight ago!
  2. Fasthands

    While the weather was good,

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks to a chap called Kris I have recently got to know through a local car club, who is a dab hand with his camera and kindly offered to get some pic's of my S15. here are just a few. :cool:
  3. S15AK

    S15OC Summer Meet & Prescott Hill pics

    I can't be borthered cuting and pasting all the links from photobucket so here is the link to the album. Most are just camera phone pics so not the best. Recorded my last run of the day up the hill...
  4. mint

    My Japan Video..

    This will get about as off topic as you can possibly make something offtopic.. I hope you enjoy.. No big budget, no high end cameras, no scripts.. no hollywood acters.. infact, no real content. Nothing exciting happens.. nothing really worth watching to be fair. However.. it was made on a Phone...
  5. T

    Attacked the wheels... Pics + a few others

    Well the wheels were in need of a refurb, no curbing or anything but there was a couple of stone chips and the decals were a little tired so I thought it was time for a change... If all else fails, what a bit of paint? If it went wrong I'd simply respray them, the was my philosophy when I...
  6. J

    New Shoes...

    Hey guys. Recently bought a myself a set of Nismo LMGT4's. Before fitting them on, i took them all to the backyard and scrubbed the back of the rims from the brake dust which as been left there for years!! It was tough, but it was worth it. Turned out nice and clean. Had a chance to put the...
  7. J

    Borrow my friend's dad's camera yesterday...

    Hey, My friend's dad let us borrow his camera yesterday (i dunno wat it is..i just know its one of those big black ones). Anyway, went to take a few quicksnaps just for fun and the best i could come up with was this.