1. W

    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    hey to all i have 2 head vvl for sell 1 is from sr20ve 1 is from sr16ve head is complete untouch complete with cams or not i have more crack pulley oil pump and more two complete motors pics on request i can ship it at buyer cost anywhere
  2. H

    FS: S15 bits

    1x SR20DE 60mm ( believe SR20DET is only 50mm) Throttle Body, clean as a whistle £70 1x Set of SR20DE Cams (apparently a slight upgrade to standard DET cams) absolutely no wear at all (64k old) £90 Autech SR20DE "FGK" Stainless manifold £110 Pics upon request Open to reasonable...
  3. Nissan_S15

    S15 Oil filler hole questions?

    Hey guys, Sorry if these are silly questions, but just a quick one regarding the oil filler hole on the s15's cam cover. Is the filler hole itself where the oil cap screws in, made from plastic or metal? Only reason I ask, as you know my plastic filler caps seal gave way and let oil seep out...
  4. Nissan_S15

    Potential Oil Cap Leak???

    Hey guys, Just a quick one. I took my S15 out for a run today and when I got back I noticed that the area surrounding the oil cap was covered in some black residue. Now Im not entirely sure, but could this potentially be the oil cap leaking? If so I have ordered a new spare one with a new...
  5. S15AK

    Valves - SR20DET

    Hi Guys, I'm getting valve bounce, so need to change the valve springs and retainers. I need some help in sources some, and not sure if you can get uprated ones? Also as the head it off I might as well look at a cams, but not sure if its worth it as I am happy with the power it has now...
  6. Nissan_S15

    Nissan Silvia S15 Spec S Engine Bay Cleanup ;)

    Decided to save up some money this summer and clean up the engine bay on my S15. So I went ahead and purchased a new Fujitsubo manifold for a bit of extra power and also had the Cam Cover sprayed mint green. The manifold work was all done by Horsham Developments followed by a Dyno run with the...
  7. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    cam upgrade?

    been seeing a few s15's with aftermarket cams and its pretty impressive how much more power they give. Just wondering what are some of the best cams to get and what prices? thinking about saving up for some. Everyone loves a lumpy idle
  8. Nissan_S15

    Genral cost to remove cam cover?

    Hey guys, Just a quick one regarding the engine bay cam cover on a spec S S15. Basically Im looking to get it removed and then resprayed in a different colour to brighten up the engine bay. However I just wondered whether anyone had any experience removing this and how hard was it? Also if I...
  9. Nissan_S15

    SR20DE uprated cams recommendations!!!

    Hey guys, Looking to get uprated cams fitted into my SR20DE engine. Not sure what cams to go for, as I would like a bit more power, but I dont want to forgo low rpm power. Something balanced I guess is what im looking for. More responsivness. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I...
  10. Max

    Regrinding/repairing camshafts??

    Hi I am getting some very specific cams for my VE build and will be getting a set of Kelford cams that seem awesome, Specs: BUT 'They have a small defect on the first intake 20V low cam lobe center where the lobe is a bit undersize...
  11. U

    Best cams for na sr20

    Got an s15 spec s with a five speed tranny wondering what cams would work best for the motor. Not looking at a huge boost because I know the na sr doesn't produce a lot of power as na but still would like better than stock. Any idea? Also wanting to keep the stock spring for now don know to much...
  12. Chriscooke

    FS: ***BNIB SR20 260 Tomei PROCAMS***

    BNIB 260 Tomei Procams for solid lifters and the Bent cam sr20det. :) I currently only have the Inlet cam here but the second is on it's way as we speak due to an issue while ordering :) The part numbers for these cams are Inlet: 1433260120 Exhaust: 1436260120 As above the CAMS are BRAND...
  13. I

    Tomei to OEM and power FC tune. should it be?

    Ok iv had my Tomei 256 cams in for about 3 years now with a power FC tune. Iv just done a swap over to the OEM cams but wondering should i expect it to be in a derivable condition? I started it up and it wasn't happy at first, was popping and sorta pre igniting If i give it a bit of throttle...
  14. D

    FS: VVT/NVCS sprocket

    Just been removed from my engine. I bought this brand new when I had cams fitted, estimated mileage no more than 20k. No rattles :) £150 posted
  15. J


    hi. just wondering if there worth getting? and whats best to go for tbh? thanks
  16. L

    FS: new hks cams and springs

    as heading new in the boxes hks step 2 264 cams and springs to suit... £600 call anytime on 07866739879 liam
  17. K

    my old s15 makes a comeback!

    some of you may remember me but most wont lol, i was around when s15oc was formed! i had sold the car to a friend, to start my business up back in 2007. Tom had the car since and had covered around 5000 miles in that time most of its life it sat in a carpark going to ruin :cry: well i...
  18. S

    s15 upgraded cams with VCT

    Afternoon folks, got a quick question for you tech heads out there. looking for some experiences and/or recomendations for the cam shafts in my s15 (its a japanese import type R, just for information) current mods: decent exhaust (split dump, 3", few mufflers), the "free boost upgrade"...
  19. fadli256

    Ebay GReddy cams?

    I found a set of GReddy 256/264 camshaft set on ebay. Seriously interested in getting them. But, I dont know if this is gonna affect my timing, idle. Do I need a remap after installing the cams?? Advice please =) Currently running a FMIC, Turboback, Eq.Length tubular exh manifold.
  20. T

    FS: BRAND NEW! HKS step 3 Cams! Suite SR20det vct

    Hey guys n gals! Selling a brand new set of HKS cams. They came with my car but aren't practical for everyday street use. They are step 3 cams, 264 in and 272 ex for the s14/15 VCT engine. Part numbers, 22002-AN014 and 22002-AN017. Brand new still in the HKS boxes! Some extra info...